Ramblings: Mantle’s Youth Lives on Through Cardboard

Yankee Stadium Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle left us 20 years ago this month. Rich Klein recalls getting a chance to see him play during his final season, bringing his cards to life.

1923 Yankee Stadium Opening Photo at Auction


A legendary sports venue is born–and the moment is captured forever. This photograph of the first pitch at Yankee Stadium in 1923 is on the auction block.

Reggie Jackson Consigns Yankee Stadium Lettering to Auction

Yankee Stadium lettering

The lighted lettering atop the old Yankee Stadium, purchased by Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson in 2008, is coming to Sotheby’s ‘New York Sale’ in three weeks.

Caption Captures Casey’s Climactic Clout in ’23

Casey Stengel World Series photo 1923

A previously unknown stylized news photo of Casey Stengel dates from the day after he crushed the first World Series home run in Yankee Stadium history.

Photo of the Day: Rare 1920 Ruth In Action Image Attracting Interest

1920 Babe Ruth news photo

A rare photo of Babe Ruth in his first year with the New York Yankees is generating interest from collectors.

Photo of the Day: Fans Cheer DiMaggio During Streak

Fans cheer Joe DiMaggio 1941

How many of these did Joe DiMaggio receive from the Yankee Stadium crowd during the magical year of 1941?

1920 Photo Shows Slim, Trim Babe Ruth, Brand New Yankee

Babe Ruth photo 1920

Just 5 1/2 months earlier, he’d been sold by the Boston Red Sox and our Vintage Photo of the Day from RMY Auctions shows a svelte Babe Ruth posing for the camera.

Bidding Opens for Babe’s Last Gift from Yanks

Babe Ruth pocket watch Yankee Stadium 1948

A pocket watch given to a dying Babe Ruth on his final visit to Yankee Stadium is officially on the block as his grandson discusses what was a special graduation gift.

Babe Ruth’s “First” Yankee Stadium Home Run Baseball Heading to Auction

Babe Ruth signed baseball

A baseball hit by Babe Ruth during Yankee Stadium construction and signed by Babe Ruth has been consigned for auction.

Photo of the Day: Ruth and Ruppert

Babe Ruth Jacob Ruppert photo

Babe Ruth and Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert press the flesh in a Type One image that wound up on the cover of Baseball Magazine.

Watch Given to Babe Ruth at Last Stadium Appearance Coming to Auction

Babe Ruth pocket watch Yankee Stadium 1948

A gold pocket watch presented by the New York Yankees to Babe Ruth during his last appearance at Yankee Stadium has been consigned to auction by his family.

1929 Ruth Signed Baseball Comes with Video Proof

1929 Babe Ruth autographing baseball

A Kodak employee tested an early home movie camera in 1929, using his son obtaining a Babe Ruth signed baseball as his script. Now that ball, perhaps the only one with video provenance, is up for bid through Memory Lane.

2nd Annual Mickey Mantle Tribute Show

1952 Bowman Mantle

He’s not around to sign autographs anymore but that didn’t stop collectors and dealers from turning out for the 2nd Mickey Mantle Show.

Signficant Ruth Items to Hit REA Block

Babe Ruth bat 1923-25

REA raises the possibility that it’s the bat he used to hit the first home run in Yankee Stadium history.

Seeing Baseball History Through its Memorabilia

Baseball Hall of Fame

A former auction company executive will share her observations with fans via some rare and unique pieces of baseball history.

Berra’s 1956 World Series Jersey Brings $564,930

Yogi Berra 1956 World Series jersey

A game-worn relic from one of baseball’s most famous days sells at auction.

Historic Ruth Home Run Bat Story Ready for TV

Babe Ruth inscribed home run bat

TLC’s ‘Accidental Fortune’ will tell the tale of how Babe Ruth’s contest award turned into a million dollar souvenir.

Future Auction Fodder? Yankees World Series Rings

2009 Yankees World Series ring

A look at the diamonds on the diamond as the Yankees show off their 2009 ice.

Wide-Eyed 1946 Kid Kept Signed Ball…Until Now

Autographed Yankees baseball 1946

After 64 years in storage, it was time to put that signed Yankee ball up for bid. Update: Ball Sold for $9,000.

Game-Worn Jersey Finds Highlight Auction

Bobby Orr game worn jersey

Heritage Auctions will cover all four sports in its auction of vintage sports cards and memorabilia this month.