The Big Show: Charles M. Conlon’s Golden Age Baseball Photographs

A new book brings us more great baseball photographs from Charles M. Conlon. Can you say “Christmas list”?

2011 Topps Chrome Football Box Break

A strong rookie class and a popular brand are spelling sales for dealers. What’s inside our buster’s box?

Editor’s Blog: Panini-Art Settle Suit; Conlon Party; Stolen Rare Photo on eBay?

Charles Conlon’s original photos and some works of art replicating five of the best will be on display at an invitation-only party in New York. Panini settles it’s lawsuit with Art of the Game and is that a stolen Al Reach photo on eBay?

Crazy for Cricket Cards: Topps Scores Huge in India

Kids swapping cards all day. Memorizing stats. Playing games with them.

America in the 1950s? Nope. India in 2011.

Card Artist Helping Tornado Victims

Deadly tornados took lives and property in the south last week. Now, sports card artist Tim Carroll is selling one of his iconic pieces to help those who are lending a helping hand.

Noted Artist Andy Jurinko Remembered

Andy Jurinko, whose brilliant baseball art appeared in calendars and books, died last month of cancer. His work is remembered in a special feature in the New York Times.

Food for the Monster: Dealer Counts on Clients for Fresh Listings

Thanks to busy collectors, one sports card seller gets to have fun when the mailman comes.

Dick Perez At Work

He’s been painting the game for decades…now hundreds of his famous baseball pieces can be seen in one place.

History a Big Part of Sports Memorabilia Appraisal

Leila Dunbar grew up a sports fan and parlayed her love for the games into a career.

Auction Insider: Why Do Auctions End on the Nights They Do?

Ever wonder why big sports memorabilia auctions close during the week?

Ex-Topps Photographer’s Work Heading to HOF

Doug McWilliams’ friendship with Vida Blue led to a bunch of great gigs as a photographer.

Signed Winter Classic Program Art on Block

From Topps sketch cards to a big time NHL gig, it’s been a good year for Brian Fox.

Win Free Sports Card Boxes

We’re giving away one free box of cards per week. But you’ve gotta work for them.

SI King Always Hunting Autographs

A three decades-long obsession with autographs has Scott Smith in constant harmony with his Sharpie and a magazine.

Stolen Baseball Card Collection: Search Still On

A North Carolina man’s collection was more of a family heirloom. That’s why he’s hoping against all odds his stolen vintage sports cards turn up somewhere.

Sticky Fingers in Cinci

Lousy at the work thing?   Need money?   Steal someone else's stuff.  Cops looking for sports memorabilia crooks in Cincinnati

Operation Bullpen over…sort of

The FBI's well publicized "Operation Bullpen" caught some bad guys and got a lot of publicity.  Now it's over.  But the FBI is still interested in the hobby. 

Into the West

First of all, I'd like to thank "Karen" at Delta Airlines for confirming my reservation for the trip to Anaheim this week.  Somehow I don't think that's her real name since just about anyone who answers the phone at Delta or America On Line is probably more likely to be sitting at a work station in New Delhi […]