Baseball Card Shop Making a Mini Comeback?

The Editor’s Blog mulls the latest headlines and whether the dearth of card shops and the rise of technology might be creating some new brick-and-mortars.

Framing Sports Memorabilia a Wise Move

Some tips on protecting your stuff.

Trading Card Companies, Leagues Adjust to Evolving Market

New technologies and a shrinking market have trading card partners zigging and zagging to lure buyers.

Dealing with Baseball Card Dealers: The Art of Haggling

How to make sure you get the biggest bang for your collecting buck.

2011 Topps Baseball Update Preview

Topps will continue its 60th anniversary season in the 2011 Update Series.

Ellen Hosting NBA Memorabilia Auction

A pile of NBA memorabilia send to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres will be sold in a special eBay auction to benefit tornado victims.

Cincinnati Reds Museum Worth The Trip

A new Johnny Bench exhibit includes a collection of game-used items that makes the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum even more of a must-see.

Cuddyer: Harmon Taught Me How to Sign Autographs

Michael Cuddyer of the Minnesota Twins isn’t old enough to have seen Harmon Killebrew play, but in a terrific column for FSN North, he recalls some of the things the late slugger did to help him–including how to treat fans.

If It Fits, It Ships…Forever

The postal service says it’s looking out for future you.

Handling Negative eBay Feedback the Smart Way

Someone messing with your perfect (or near perfect) eBay score?

10 Ways to Earn Repeat Business Selling Online

Want to make more money selling online? Follow these guidelines.

Panini Announces Digital Autographed Cards

Panini is hoping you’ll have a Smartphone in one pocket and your Blake Griffin HD trading card in the other when it releases a new collectible concept this year.

Hockey for Huggies Auction Blends Moms with Memorabilia

The NHL is hoping to make it easier for families trying to buy the bare essentials for their babies by holding an online auction as part of the Hockey for Huggies program.

Topps USA Baseball Boxed Set Review

Our box buster takes a look at the latest baseball offering from Topps.

Editor’s Blog: Happy New Year!, Spence-SGC Deal Official, Cash Back on eBay, etc.

A news note, a thank you and a couple of ways to stretch your sports collecting buck.

Smart Phone eBay Shopping on the Rise

New data from eBay reveals who’s spending what on eBay via their mobile phones, including sports collectors.

Hall of Fame Connects With Players at Series

At times battling players’ collections, memorabilia dealers and the expanding auction market means the personal touch is ultra-important in the Baseball Hall of Fame’s desire to add to its collection.

Mickey Mantle Autographs: Still More Demand Than Supply

15 years after his death, Mickey Mantle autographs remain exceptionally popular. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re looking to add that iconic signature to your collection.

Collector’s Guide to Pujols Bats

A Cardinal bat collector offers some tips on what to know before you fork over big money for an Albert Pujols game-used bat.

WHA Card Set Raises $ for Hall of Fame

Some of the old hockey league’s memorable players are part of a new little card set aimed at paving the way for a more permanent WHA Hall of Fame.