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1970 Topps Baseball Wax Box Variations

Collectors of 1970 Topps have more than one wax box to choose from.

1970 Topps Baseball: Of Miracle Mets, Price Increases and Multiple Inserts

In those giddy months after Apollo 11, the 1970 Topps baseball set reflected a new era for cards and the game itself. Take a look at old wax boxes and an ad that’ll have you looking for a time machine.

1962 Topps: Sales Info Offers A Trip Back in Time

Fifty years ago, Topps salesmen were preparing to hit the road, pitching those wood-grain beauties we now know as 1962 Topps. Unopened pack guy has more on the process–and the stunning return on investment one could have had by saving just one case.

Unopened Baseball Cards: True Test of Willpower, Patience

The iconic pack is still the foundation of collecting. To open or not open…that is the question.

Utilizing Wasted Space to Store Your Collection

Too much memorabilia? Cards crushing your bookshelves? Watch one collector get an organizational boost.