Walter Johnson

Opening Day Record-Setters and Their Rookie Cards

A fun look at some remarkable Opening Day career records and the rookie cards of the players who accomplished those feats.

One-of-a-Kind? Walter Johnson 1925 World Series Photo at Auction

The Hall of Famer shares a photo opp with his mound opponent prior to a Series that would see him take the hill three times.

Ramblings: Recalling Look-Alikes and Cardboard Rumors

Rich Klein recalls the days when speculation around a player’s identity fueled rampant rumors and price increases.

Rare Baseball Card Found in Old Bible

A rare baseball card featuring a big league Hall of Famer is found by a family going through belongings of a deceased relative.

Photo of the Day: Big Train Batting

What’s a 400-game winner doing with a fungo bat? The answer is inside.

‘Untouched’ Vintage Non-Sport Collection Heads for Auction

More than 100 high grade vintage pop-culture sets pieced together via unopened product in the 1960s and 70s were lassoed by American Legends.

Mint T206 Walter Johnson Among Big Sellers in Memory Lane Event

Hundreds of rare and high grade vintage sports card and pieces of memorabilia were offered in Memory Lane Inc.’s latest I Own it Now catalog with the holy grail of Walter Johnson cards heading up the sales.

High Grade Novelty Cutlery Postcards Sell for $90,000

Tucked in a regional auction company’s online catalog, some are 1908-1910 Novelty Cutlery postcards featuring the likes of Honus Wagner garnered new respect.

T206 Broad Leaf Johnson Sale Latest Example of T206 Back Craze

A T206 Broad Leaf Tobacco Walter Johnson card that sold for $7,207 in 2005 sold for more than $65,000 over the weekend.

T206 Society Launches at SoCal Show

A new website devoted to buying and selling cards from the T206 set is a father/son affair.

T200 and T222 Fatima Cards Provide Interesting Challenge

Whether you’re talking 1913 team cards or the T222 single player issue, Fatima Tobacco cards are hard to find in top grade.

PSA Grades Autographs for New Packaged Product

A new venture has put certified, cut autographs three to a box with every player a current or former All-Star.

2010 National Chicle Baseball Short Print List Revealed

Topps National Chicle short print list includes a Hall of Fame and rookie card roll call.

1952 Topps Mantle, Carlton Uniform Top Auction

A complete uniform worn by Hall of Famer Steve Carlton during his finest big league season was one of the major targets in Huggins & Scott’s latest catalog auction. The 1972 Phillies jersey and pants had been virtually untouched in the 38 years since Carlton wore it while winning the National League Cy Young award.  […]

Memory Lane Ready to Launch Spring Auction

High-grade vintage stars and sets from all sports go on the auction block later this week.

Babe Ruth Rookie Card Pacing Auction

The latest Babe Ruth rookie card to hit the market is drawing bidders not shy about chasing one of the hobby’s icons.

Cache of 1930s Unopened Boxes Found

It seems impossible. Maybe that’s why every card collector with an imagination dreams about the ultimate find: boxes and boxes of decades-old untouched, unopened gum boxes sitting in some long-forgotten place. It used to happen once in awhile. A stash of 1950s boxes came out of Tennessee in the 1980s. Every couple of years there […]