1920 Babe Ruth Jersey Could Fetch $1 Million Plus

A Babe Ruth jersey dating from his first season with the New York Yankees will be sold at auction later this spring.

Wagner, Plank, Ruth, Mathewson Among Highlights in New Catalog

Scarce and rare vintage baseball cards are just some of the items up for grabs beginning later this week in an event where patience is sometimes a virtue…and sometimes a mistake.

Wagner Card Drawing Attention as Alternative Investment

A Wall Street blogger talks Wagner.

T206 Wagner Card Goes on eBay

Got $775,000? There’s a T206 Honus Wagner card with your name on it up for bid on eBay.

First Items from Dreier Collection Up for Sale

Eight items from the massive collection of baseball memorabilia belonging to Chad and Doug Dreier have been unveiled.

Super Collector’s Vintage Baseball Card Sets Now on the Market

A “Once in a Lifetime” accumulation of vintage baseball card sets, some including all variations and all high grade, are up for sale.

T206 Eddie Plank a Worthy Challenger to Wagner

The T206 Eddie Plank plays Lou Gehrig to its more Ruthian-like brother, Honus Wagner, but serious collectors know how scarce it is.

Iconic Players, Sets Part of Memory Lane Auction

Vintage sports cards spanning virtually the entire history of collecting will be up for grabs later this week when Memory Lane Inc. opens its Winter Classics Auction.

Program from First World Series Sells for $241,500

One 1903 World Series program resides in Cooperstown. The other was sold by Hunt Auctions Saturday,as one of the headliners in the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum Auction.

Cinci Duo Finally Gets Wagner Card Slabbed

Two men convinced they’ve got a version of the T206 Honus Wagner card have finally found someone to encase it in plastic and put an ‘authentic’ label on it.

Collector Plans Museum For Huge Collection

Super collector Nick DePace plans to show off part of what he’s accumulated over the years in a sports museum near Philadelphia.

Editor’s Blog: Baseball Card Museum, Lady Collector, Heroin and Cards Don’t Mix

A couple of collector stories…and one who will likely be collecting a prison sentence.

T206 Wagner, Ruth Cards, Autos Highlight Catalog

Gathered together, they’re a veritable sports collecting museum. The only difference? These are for sale.

Cobb Signed Bat Brings Six Figures

The auction went into triple overtime, but when the dust settled, a one of a kind Ty Cobb autographed bat brought big money for MEARS.

Buying T206 Wagner a Win-Win for Philly Area Doc

Sometimes being the runner-up bidder in an auction turns out to be the best thing.

Nuns’ Wagner Card Bidder Renegs; New Buyer Found

The winning bidder for the T206 Wagner card bequeathed to the School Sisters of Notre Dame apparently didn’t pay up…but a new buyer has been found.

Editor’s Blog: Auction Postscripts, Card Shop Prop

Big auction dollars, props to a shop and good ol’ Virgil comes through.

T206 Honus Wagner Brings $262,000 for Sisters of Notre Dame

It’s not pretty, but it’s the most beautiful baseball card ever to a charity-minded group who will make good use of their windfall after a strong bid by a collector/dealer from Tennessee.

T206 Honus Wagner Sale Will Benefit Nuns’ Ministry

A late collector’s estate produced a low-grade, but authentic Honus Wagner card that has been in the care of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Bill Mastro Selling Collection

The former head of Mastro Auctions has consigned his vintage baseball memorabilia to an auction scheduled for December.