vintage sports memorabilia

Collecting Sports Movie Ephemera

From posters to lobby cards to still photos and more, sports movie ephemera dates back decades.

The Many Forms of Vintage Sports Lithography

Early printers discovered lithography could print on many different surfaces. Get a look at some examples you may have seen on vintage sports memorabilia.

More Teams Hop on Paperless Ticket Train

What will collectors have to commemorate some of sports’ great milestones if printed tickets become a thing of the past?

Free Downloadable Guide to Identifying Materials in Antiques

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Looking at the Photos of George Grantham Bain

A look at the work of one of the most collected early 1900s sports photographers.

Hartland of Ohio, LLC Announces Hartland Auctions and New Corporate Headquarters

Hartland of Ohio is launching an auction platform strictly for the iconic vintage statues.

Hunt Auctions to Offer Extensive Tobacco-Related Collection

Hunt Auctions kicks off its 20th anniversary with an internet auction featuring a mammoth collection of tobacco ads, packaging and cards.

1933 Sport Kings Uncut Sheet, 1870 A’s CDV in Hunt Auction

Decades-old rarities mix with vintage cards and items with a $10 starting bid in Hunt Auctions’ 1200-lot internet/phone auction.

PA Housekeeper Gets Jail Time for Theft

A woman convicted of stealing sports memorabilia and other items will spend at least 16 months in jail.