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Photo of the Day: Leapin’ Lou

You’d jump for joy too if you were Lou Gehrig and it was early March of 1928. Get the info on the auction for a rare image of the Iron Horse.

Photo of the Day: Last NFL Player to Refuse a Helmet

Weeks before the 1940 NFL Championship game, star receiver Edgar Manske, who never used a helmet, snares a pass. The photo is one of over 300 up for auction tonight.

Another World: The Strange and Exotic Forms of Early Photographs

A look at the unusual forms of early sports and non-sports photography.

Vintage Photo of the Day: Private Babe Ruth 1924

Babe Ruth really did enlist in the National Guard during the height of his Yankee fame and this publicity photo up for auction tonight is proof.

Ten Underrated Sports Collectibles

Where can you get the most bang for your sports geek dollar?