vintage hockey cards

1955-56 Parkhurst Hockey Set Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

The 1955-56 Parkhurst hockey card set was the only game in town for card collectors 60 years ago.

Super Size Me: 1975-76 Topps Hockey Set Matched Hoops Expansion

Forty seasons ago, Topps produced its largest hockey set to date, one that remains among the most value-oriented vintage sets in any sport.

Small, But Challenging: 1965-66 Topps Hockey

The 1965-66 Topps Hockey set expanded a bit from the previous year. You’ll find team cards and two of Gordie Howe.

Canadian Collector Creates Website Dedicated To Howie Morenz

The story of one of hockey’s all-time greats ended abruptly and tragically but collecting Howie Morenz memorabilia is how Ron Vender keeps the memory alive.

New Vintage Hockey Collector Book Offers Prices, Info

First published nine years ago, a new edition of the Vintage Hockey Collector is out, dispensing knowledge– and prices.

10 Great Hockey Rookie Cards of the 1960s

“Number Four Bobby Orr” may have been the biggest name of the decade, but the 1960s were chock full of superstar hockey rookie cards worthy of any vintage collection.

Top 10 Hockey Rookie Cards of the 1950s

Looking for sets jam-packed with Hall of Famers like Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull? Look no further than this list of the top 10 hockey rookie cards of the 1950s.

Topps Made History with 1954-55 Hockey Set Despite MIA Canadian Teams

Sixty seasons ago, Topps launched its inaugural hockey card set, one that generally gets high marks despite the lack of Habs or Leafs.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Hockey Card Bonanza

A Pennsylvania collector’s vintage post-War hockey card liquidation will put some top cards into circulation.

Bobby Orr Cards Still a Magnet for Collectors

Rookie cards, test issues and more keep Bobby Orr cards high on the want lists of hockey card collectors.

In The Game Will Put Vintage Hockey Rookie Cards into Upcoming Product

The past meets the present in a new/old product. In The Game’s History of Hockey will offer old rookie cards, buybacks and autographs.

Bobby Orr Rookie Card: Vintage Hockey Card Gold

Bobby Orr’s rookie card remains an icon but what card best captures the essence of his career?

Vintage Hockey Card Dealer Bullish on Market

You can’t miss Len Pottie and his Platinum Promotions booth at any of the larger shows. It’s the one with a wall of vintage hockey cards staring down at you. Pottie has been coming to the Chicago Sun-Times show for about 12 or 13 years. Flying is out of the question since 9/11. Carrying about […]