vintage football cards

1964 Draft Produced the Biggest Crop of Hall of Fame Rookie Cards

This year’s draft will have to go a long way to match the one NFL Draft that produced a record number of players who eventually wound up in the Hall of Fame.

Super Bowl MVPs and their Rookie Cards

From Bart to Brady and beyond, we’ve got the complete list of Super Bowl MVPs and their first appearance on football cards.

1975 Topps Football Rookies a Bumper Crop

If a set’s power is measured by its rookie cards, there aren’t many better than the 1975 Topps football rookies.

1951 Bowman Football Set Has Great QBs, Future Coaches

The 1951 Bowman Football set was a clear step up from the company’s first two offerings and has a stadium full of cards worth owning.

1970 Topps Football Debuted An Airbrushed Era

With more than two dozen Hall of Famers, even a lack of logos doesn’t hamper the 1970 Topps Football set. We run down the cards, the inserts and the grading numbers.

1950 Bowman Football Set Meshed Well With NFL

The 1950 Bowman football set features great artwork of long ago stars and is among the least taxing older football sets to complete.

1935 National Chicle Was Forefather Of Football Sets

The 1935 National Chicle set was the first NFL-focused set, and is home to one of the most valuable sports cards ever made.

15 Solid Football Card Investments

Love vintage pigskin? It may be undervalued. Here’s a look at 15 of the best football cards to invest in if you’re looking to get in the game.

10 Cheap Football Card Sets From the 50s to the 80s

Which older football card sets seem to go above and beyond for value? Here are ten picks across four decades.

Photo of the Day: Gale Sayers Rookie Card Image

Look familiar? A rare copy of the photo used for Gale Sayers’ 1966 Philadelphia Gum rookie card has been uncovered and is up for bid.

Top Vintage Quarterback Rookie Cards

What do a Notre Dame legend, Broadway Joe, and a super Starr have in common? They’re all on the list of top quarterback rookie cards. Who else made the cut?

5 Undervalued Vintage Football Sets

Great players, reasonable prices and comparatively limited numbers make these five sets worth a look.

Toughest PSA 9 Football Rookie Cards of the 1970s

A look inside the numbers to see which 1970s football rookie cards are the rarest in a PSA 9 grade and what those old Hall of Fame rookie cards sell for.

Bart Starr Cards Chronicle Rise of Packers, NFL

Fifty-five years after Vince Lombardi arrived and helped turn him into an icon, Bart Starr cards remain among the most popular of all NFL Hall of Famers.

1950s Football Cards: Ten You Should Own

Don’t have a fortune to invest in big-time rookies? Love NFL history? Grab these 1950s football cards and you won’t be sorry.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Hall of Fame Hoard

A huge collection of baseball and football Hall of Fame rookie cards from Texas is coming to market.

1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie Card Sells for $60,000

One of only four Joe Namath rookie cards ever awarded a PSA 9, the card was sold privately from the #1 Finest 1965 Topps Football set.

Vintage Pack Rip at the National: 1958 Topps Football

If you liked 1968 Topps baseball, you’ll love the 1958 Topps football cello pack break at the NSCC. Watch the boys from Just Collect–and a gathering of fans–dig in.

Incredible Haul of 10 1935 National Chicle Nagurskis Comes to Auction

A remarkable find of ten 1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski cards from a childhood collection has the sports collecting community abuzz.

Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1955 Bowman Football on Location at NSCC

We open up a 1955 Bowman Football wax pack on location at the National Sports Collectors Convention.