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Chip Hilton Book Series a Throwback Collectible


Written by a hoops Hall of Famer, the long running Chip Hilton book series kept youngsters entertained years ago and are collector’s items today.

The Hunt for Old Baseball Gloves and Other Sports Antiques

old gloves

Collector/dealer Brett Lowman of Play OK Antiques gives us a quick lesson in old baseball gloves and talks about his ongoing hunt for old baseball memorabilia while manning a booth at the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Ten Underrated Sports Collectibles

1962 Topps

Where can you get the most bang for your sports geek dollar?

Stash of M101-2 Sporting News Supplements Perk Up eBay

Sporting News Supplement Walter Johnson

The opportunity to sell some rare, century-old pieces of baseball history will perk up any dealer’s week.

Crooks Cart Away Safe; Caught on Camera

It may have been a pizza place break-in but what’s missing from a Florida restaurant has nothing to do with cheese and pepperoni.