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1888 Goodwin Champions Inspired Today’s Issues

Goodwin Anson

Modern era collectors can buy boxes of Upper Deck’s takeoff, but what about the original 1888 Goodwin Champions set? These 124-year-old beauties aren’t that far out of reach if you’re OK with lesser grades.

1966 Topps Grant Jackson 591

Grant Jackson 1966 Topps rookie card

It’s a card that’s seemingly on the want list of every 1960s baseball card collector. Find one at a show? Good luck. But is the single printed 1966 Topps Grant Jackson rookie card really the scarcest in the set?

Talking Antique, High Grade Baseball Cards

Jake Beckley PSA 8 T206

Whether they promoted tobacco or a sports newspaper, baseball cards from more than a century ago are cooler than ever. Check out a few–and hear why sometimes the technical grade doesn’t match the overall quality as we talk with eBay superseller Just Collect.

Locked Up Since 1980s, Trimmed T206 Wagner Now Up for Bid

Trimmed T206 Honus Wagner Authentic

The number of graded grails has gone up. A newly encapsulated T206 Honus Wagner quietly owned by a collector for years is now on the auction block.

Selling Sweet Singles Back in Style

1967 Topps

Publicity over some recent finds of vintage baseball cards has brought more out of the woodwork and into card shops.

Vintage Baseball Sets With the Most High Grade Cards

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 8

PSA’s Population Report has a lot of numbers after 20 years. We’re breaking down the vintage baseball card sets from the 1950s, 60s and 70s by submission totals and percentage of high grade cards.

Black Swamp Find, Family Coming to National

Some of the E-98 Black Swamp cards

You’ll get to meet some of the cards found in the Ohio attic if you can make your way to Baltimore for the National Sports Collectors Convention.

PSA: Old Baseball Card Find is “Ultimate Buried Treasure”

E98 1910 baseball cards

UPDATED WITH RAW VIDEO: The Black Swamp hit the fan Tuesday as the national media jumped all over the ‘old baseball card find’ story we brought you last week. Even NBC Nightly News thought it worthy. We see their story and hear from PSA about hundreds of E98s heading for auction after sitting in a box for perhaps more than a century.

1895 Mayo’s Cut Plug Set Worthy of Attention…Investment?

Cap Anson 1895 Mayos Cut Plug

If you don’t mind less than perfect, the 1895 Mayo’s Cut Plug baseball card set is a collecting challenge and history lesson rolled into one.

‘Black Swamp Find’ of 1910 E98 Cards Heading to Auction

E98 baseball cards

A collection of long lost and pristine E98 cards has been uncovered and consigned to a major auction.

The Babe Helping Elevate Sports Cards, Memorabilia

Babe Ruth 1920 jersey Yankees

As much as it sells for, are Babe Ruth baseball cards and memorabilia still undervalued?

1934-36 Batter Up Cards Offer Unique Challenges

Batter Up wrapper

Start with die cuts, add in color tint variations and a large quantity of big names and the 1934-36 Batter Up issue from National Chicle is definitely unique. Might they be a little underpriced too?

Make Your Own “Vintage” Baseball Cards

Joe DiMaggio

No, we’re not advocating that you create Frankencards out of the real deal. But if you know a little about Photoshop, here are some guidelines you can use to create some cool cards with that vintage feel.

Michigan Man Sues USPS Over Missing Cards, Jewelry

legal scales

A Michigan man says a woman tried to steal cash, vintage baseball cards and jewelry 3 1/2 years ago but the USPS hasn’t returned it all.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Digitizing Burdick Collection

Jackie Robinson rookie card

The collection of the man who literally wrote the book on baseball cards–or at least catalogued them–may be coming to a computer near you.

Over 4,000 Vintage Baseball Cards Offered in Big Set Break

T205 Ty Cobb

A major collection of high-grade and rare vintage baseball card singles is being broken up and sold over the next two weeks.

Top 5 Vintage Sports Program Sales

1902 Rose Bowl program

From a century-old Rose Bowl program to a minty ’26 World Series program, eBay bidders have had a lot to choose from lately.

Program from First World Series Sells for $241,500

First World Series program 1903

One 1903 World Series program resides in Cooperstown. The other was sold by Hunt Auctions Saturday,as one of the headliners in the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum Auction.

Ramblings: Parsippany Card Shows and Trivia With Barry Halper

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein rambles back from the World Series and remembers the days of an east coast show and one particular hobby dealer.

Gary Cypres Offers Tours of World’s Top Sports Memorabilia Collection

Gary Cypres

Super collector Gary Cypres, the man whose sports memorabilia collection is housed in his own personal museum, gives us a look in preparation for a fundraising event.