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Super Collector’s Vintage Baseball Card Sets Now on the Market

A “Once in a Lifetime” accumulation of vintage baseball card sets, some including all variations and all high grade, are up for sale.

Mickey Mantle and eBay Still Perfect Marriage

More than 43 years after his last game, Mickey Mantle is still a smoking hot search on eBay. We’ve got the latest, most interesting sales figures and some info on the best time to buy…and sell.

Vintage Baseball Card Find Began on Roadshow

One of the hobby’s most intriguing finds was born when the owner took them to the Antiques Roadshow.

Editor’s Blog: More Old Baseball Items Discovered

Some more never-before-seen items pieces of baseball history are now in the hands of collectors.

Vintage Pack Resealers Prey on Uninformed Collectors

They’re tempting. Wrapped in colorful wax paper, the price from a bygone era printed on the front. Full of excitement. A treasure hunt wrapped in a neat little package with an ancient stick of bubble gum. If they had eyes, they’d bat them at you. Buying one is only the first dilemma. Do you open […]

Pennsylvania Dealer Faces Criminal Charges

Resealed wax packs and fake autographs are at the center of a case against a long-time sports memorabilia dealer.