Card Shop Victim of $40,000 Heist

A sports card shop burglary in Canada virtually wiped out the best stock of an owner who just opened 15 months ago.

Maid Accused of Cleaning Out Collector’s Signed Baseballs

The Travis County, Texas Sheriff says a woman hired to clean up at a house in Texas swiped a nice collection of autographed baseballs.

Vegas Card Shop Stung by Scammer

A Las Vegas card shop loses some cash to a man who claimed to be a neighbor.

Punk Steals Grandpa’s Autographed Ruth Baseball

It was not a Norman Rockwell-like scene in Ocean Pines, Md., where a teen hoodlum swiped his grandfather’s memorabilia.

Another Pawn Shop Falls Victim to Fake Ruth Baseball Con

Someone is making a killing trying to sell phony Babe Ruth baseballs to Florida pawn shops…but no one seems to be able to catch the crook.

Hockey Card Crook: Vintage Parkies Pilfered

Card shop owners in Michigan should be on the alert for a nice group of early 1950s Parkhurst hockey cards.

Double Fault: Sampras’ Two Storage Units Robbed

You knew Pete Sampras won a lot of tournaments. So many he needed a pair of storage units to house all of his awards. Now, most are gone.

Mantle Family Claims Most of Mick’s Autographs Fake

Mickey Mantle memorabilia and cards are still the gold standard for post-War era collectors…but that also means those items are an inviting target for crooks.

Sports Memorabilia on the Block at Ozzie Smith’s

His restaurant is going out of business so Ozzie Smith has turned the collectors items inside over to an auction.

Mickey Mantle Card Helps Solve Break-In

The allure of Mickey Mantle baseball cards can sometimes help solve crimes.