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Collector’s Near Complete Topps Master Set Run Comes To Auction

1958 Topps Hank Aaron blue background

In what’s being called “an unprecedented hobby event”, two dealers are bringing a complete Topps master set run to eBay– card by card.

1970 Topps Baseball Wax Box Variations

1970 Topps Wax Boxes

Collectors of 1970 Topps have more than one wax box to choose from.

Topps Giving Away Signed Bat for Double Sparkle Variations

2011 Sparkle Bounty Topps

Topps is offering prizes for collectors who find the extra-sparkly cards in its 2011 Series II packs.

2011 Topps Short Prints and Variations List Unveiled

2011 Topps Heritage box

Topps owns up to the fun it had creating some of those variations and short prints in the 2011 Heritage baseball card product.

Diamond Sparkle Variations in 2011 Topps

2011 Topps Derek Jeter diamond sparkle variation

There’s another 60th anniversary gimmick in 2011 Topps cases.

Yes, There Are 2010 Topps T206 Cap Variations

2010 Topps T206

Not all players in the new Topps’ T206 set are capless.