Shipping Rates Go Up: Packages to Canada Rise 58%

The Postal Service has raised its rates on some services and is now offering delivery confirmation for free on some–but if you’re mailing to Canada, you’d better start accounting for a sizable hike.

USPS Play Ball! Book Includes Graig Kreindler Paintings

Non-collectors can buy something for you that you’ll actually like this holiday season. Or just buy it yourself. Artist Graig Kreindler’s amazing baseball paintings are featured in Play Ball!, a U.S. Postal Service Publication.

Williams Leads DiMaggio…in Stamp Stats

The Postal Service says demand has been strong for its latest stamps honoring baseball greats and they’re even keeping stats.

USPS Shipping Costs Will Rise in April

You’ll pay a little more to ship that bubble mailer full of cards beginning this spring.

USPS Postage Online: Just Do It

When you discover a tool that allows you to function more efficiently, it’s a great day and printing USPS postage online is one of those. If you’ve tried to mail packages of baseball cards or other memorabilia–especially at this time of year, you know what I mean. Standing in line stinks. It’s wasted time you’ll […]