Leaf Files Counterclaim Against Topps

Leaf Trading Cards has answered a Topps lawsuit over its use of pictures depicting old Topps cards in a Leaf Best of Baseball sell sheet.

Topps Sues Leaf Over 2011 Best of Baseball Sell Sheet

Topps is fuming over a smaller competitor’s use of pictures of some of its previously released baseball cards.

Collector’s Guide to Pujols Bats

A Cardinal bat collector offers some tips on what to know before you fork over big money for an Albert Pujols game-used bat.

Sharks Hold Sale; Put Bite Threat on Dealers

The Sharks don’t want anyone profiting from their profits.

Hall of Famer Van Buren Suing Panini

Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Van Buren has filed a lawsuit against Panini America over the production of football cards he says he didn’t authorize.

MLB Settles Lawsuit with Upper Deck

Upper Deck will pay Major League Baseball millions of dollars as part of a settlement over trademark issues on 2010 baseball cards.

Olympic Hockey Pucks Could Be Scarce

A tight lid is being kept on pucks from what should be a hotly-contested gold medal chase in Vancouver.

How to Drive Traffic to Your eBay Store

Don’t have an eBay store? You probably should. Get some tips on how to steer people to your stuff.

World Series Bats a Louisville Tradition

They’re the ultimate get for collectors of game-used memorabilia…and the history of World Series bats goes back a long way in Louisville.

Donruss Threads using jersey letters

Players will sign jersey lettering for use as inserts in ’06 Donruss football. Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala had nightmares about having to do this.

Barry’s Autograph Factory?

A friend of Barry Bonds' former girlfriend says Bonds cranked out autographed balls at a rate of $100 each when he needed quick cash.