upper deck football

2014 Upper Deck Football Includes Manziel, Other Potential Picks

2014 Upper Deck Football will include 200 players picked in the upcoming draft and also include some veterans along with autographs of the big names.

2011 Upper Deck Football Blaster Box Break Video

Plenty of cool old photos of football greats in their college days. Anything else in our 2011 Upper Deck football blaster box?

Upper Deck’s New Distribution Policy Irks Some

Upper Deck defends its decision to shun internet-only retailers while one of the giants punches back.

Upper Deck “Evolution” is a Mystery

Upper Deck says the insert cards in 2011 football will be something that has never been done before. Exactly what they’re doing is a secret.

Retailers Looking Forward to 2011 Football Cards

A group of marquee position players has card companies and dealers ready to trot out football products right after this spring’s draft.

NFL Ultimate Fan: Prizes, Your Own Card

NFL tickets, merchandise and your own football card are among the prizes in Upper Deck’s new contest.