NSCC: Vintage Pack Market Strong

1970s baseball card unopened boxes

New buyers entering the market are helping fuel the rush to vintage unopened sports card packs and boxes. A chat with BBCE’s Reed Kasaoka.

Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1987-88 Fleer Basketball

1987-88 Fleer Basketball Pack

Just Collect is opening a 1987-88 Fleer basketball pack in our ‘Vintage Pack Break of the Week’. It’s an underrated set but can they pull a Michael Jordan?

Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1955 Bowman Football on Location at NSCC

1955 Bowman football pack

We open up a 1955 Bowman Football wax pack on location at the National Sports Collectors Convention.

VIDEO: Vintage Unopened Remains a Hot Commodity

1972 Topps packs

Other than certain elements of the rare, high-end vintage baseball card and memorabilia market, few segments have drawn as much consistent, unyielding interest as vintage, unopened packs and boxes.  Few dealers specialize in them, partly because they’re not easy to find (prior to the 1980s, only a few dealers saved more than a small number […]

1970 Topps Rack and Tray Packs: An Overview

1970 Topps Baseball Rack Pack

They were a good deal at the time, but finding 1970 Topps rack and grocery rack packs is a tall order.

1970 Baseball Cards eBook Offers Trip Back in Time

Collectors Guide to 1970 Baseball Cards

It’s here…the brand new eBook that’ll transport you back to an era when packs had gum and sold for a dime. The new Ultimate Collectors Guide to 1970 Baseball Cards is ready to download.

Top 10 Unopened Pack Prices on eBay

1972 Topps football cello packs

Not everyone is afraid to dip a big toe into the uncertain waters of unopened packs on the auction giant.

Like to Crack Codes? The Mystery of 1970s Football Cello Pack Production

1975 Topps football cello back

Football card cello packs from the 1970s provide a little production and marketing intrigue.

Unopened Baseball Packs, Cases: Irresistible Gamble

Old unopened packs and cases are enticing–even if the contents don’t always match the price.