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Vintage Authentics Owner Pleads Guilty to Selling Fake Jerseys

Vintage Authentics owner Steve Jensen faces sentencing this spring as federal prosecutors continue to prosecute dealers of phony jerseys.

Michigan Man Sues USPS Over Missing Cards, Jewelry

A Michigan man says a woman tried to steal cash, vintage baseball cards and jewelry 3 1/2 years ago but the USPS hasn’t returned it all.

Northern NY Mail Carrier Pleads Guilty; Victimized Collector ‘Frustrated’

It wasn’t an chronic situation, but one eastern mail carrier wound up in big trouble while one of his victims seems to have been left holding the bag.

If It Fits, It Ships…Forever

The postal service says it’s looking out for future you.

eBay Changes Includes Cheaper Insurance

eBay continues to roll out new options including analytics and a package shipping insurance option that’s cheaper than the post office.