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Will Ruling Mean College Trading Cards Become an Industry?

Rich Klein wonders if a court ruling that favors college athletes being compensated for the use of their images could lead to more college trading cards.

Upper Deck President Jason Masherah Settles In

Upper Deck Company President Jason Masherah talks with Sports Collectors Daily inside the ‘fan cave’ at the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention.

Lionel Messi Signed Card from Prizm Sold for $13,899

A Lionel Messi signed card from Panini brings big bucks and we’ve got a list of the ‘most watched’ 2014 Prizm World Cup soccer cards on eBay right now.

Editor’s Blog: Fed Up? Stop Putting Money in the NFL’s Pocket

Hate what the NFL has done to itself? Stop buying their stuff.

Collecting Sports Cards in Australia

Collectors of American sports cards–especially basketball–are a dedicated lot in the Land Down Under, chasing the same cards with a similar passion, despite a few hurdles.

#1 Golf Card Collection Heading for Auction

“The King of Golf Cards” is liquidating his collection of hundreds of high grade, vintage PSA-graded sets and singles.

Editor’s Blog: Kareem Lawsuit Update, Hockey Jerseys

Upper Deck hopes Abdul-Jabbar’s basketball card lawsuit is a road game, Pearl Jam sings about him and one company’s NHL jersey deal.

PSA Announces Custom Card Encapsulation Service

How to get a PSA card of…you.

Topps Invades India

Topps sees the booming Indian cricket league as fertile ground to launch new products.