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Ramblings: Website Stirs Memories of Early Topps Books; Heritage Suggestions

Topps Complete Picture Collection book

Rich Klein recalls the first comprehensive Topps books, has some suggestions for Topps Heritage and pines for a more personal hobby in his New Year’s resolutions.

Investing in Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards

More than 60 years after he first put on a major league uniform, Mickey Mantle remains the hottest baseball card property. Which of #7′s cards are undervalued?

NFL Rookie Avalanche Continues with 2012 Bowman Sterling Football

Robert Griffin III autographed rookie relic

Like rookie cards? This year’s amazing draft class takes center stage in the 2012 Bowman Sterling football product.

Fanoculars, Topps Bring Cards to…Binoculars


Topps is reaching out to fans with a new partnership that turns its sports card licenses into the outer shell of a portable binoculars product called Fanoculars.

Editor’s Blog: How Marvin Miller Changed the Baseball Card Game

Marvin Miller

Baseball cards went from being the source of free gifts and lunch money to a big revenue source for the players union under the guidance of Marvin Miller who died Tuesday.

Tradition: Topps Names All Rookie Team

2012 Bowman Sterling Showcase Bryce Harper autograph

It started in the late 1950s and continues today with the announcement of the 2012 Topps All-Rookie team. So who’s getting the little trophies on their 2013 cards?

Topps Five Star Club Aimed at High Rollers

Topps Five Star Club

Topps unveiled a new exclusive membership program for big spenders Wednesday, but even if you’ve got the dough, you’ll have to take a loyalty oath.

Bowman Prospect Challenge Marries Cards with Minor League Fantasy Baseball

Bowman Prospect Challenge

Pick your up and coming players in the Bowman Prospect Challenge and Topps will dish out prizes if you can do it better than most.

Hurricane Sandy Still Taking Toll on New York, New Jersey Hobby Shops

Flickr photo by Desiree Arroyo (Creative Commons)

Gas is scarce and so are customers as hobby shops in the direct path of Hurricane Sandy fight on. Shifting priorities and logistical issues have provided some with the biggest challenges they’ve ever faced.

How Topps Bested Bowman in Bubble Gum Battle

Bubble Gum Card War

A new book delves into the battle for nickels between Topps and Bowman in the 1950s.

2012 Topps Prime Football Review

Topps Prime Football 2012

2012 Topps Prime Football offers 60 cards for around $80 per box. Here’s what Rich Klein pulled from one of them.

2012 Topps Platinum Football Doing Well in Marketplace

2012 Topps Platinum Football

Rich Klein tears open a box of what’s become a popular product since its mid-September release: 2012 Topps Platinum.

2012 Bowman Chrome Blue Wave Wrapper Redemption

2012 Bowman Chrome Jorge Soler auto

Topps’ next product, 2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball, will include a Blue Wave parallel wrapper redemption offer.

Topps Holding Contest for Fan to Help ID Bowman Prospects

Topps Bowman Scout contest

If you know who the Florida Marlins’ top five prospects are, you’re the kind of person Topps is seeking for its new non-paid Bowman Scout position.

Bat Barrels, Books, Buttons Coming to 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen

Nolan Ryan autographed 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen

It was the surprise hit of 2011. Now headed for a third year, what can we expect out of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen? We’ve got a preview, early checklist and preview images.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Image Preview

2012 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

A look at some of the cards collectors will be pulling out of 2012 Topps Triple Threads Baseball.

2012 Topps Finest Football Box Break

Robert Griffin III 2012 Finest Rookie card

Rich Klein digs into a box of 2012 Topps Finest while digging into the history of this long-running product, a pioneer in the ‘short print run’ game.

2012 Topps Chrome Box Break

2012 Topps Chrome box

Rich Klein raps about the early days of a now familiar Topps product while unwrapping this year’s Chrome baseball.

Topps Scolds Hobby Shops for Selling Cards from 2012 Kickoff Packs

2012 Topps Kickoff RG 3

Topps used social media to get the word out about hobby shops going against the spirit of its upcoming 2012 Topps Kickoff pack promotion.

VIDEO: The Topps Vault

Original Topps Photo 1962 Stamps Frank Robinson

Files, photos, contracts, old display boxes…you name it, it’s come out of the Topps Vault.