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2011 Topps Magic Football Will Be Online Only, All Rookie Cards

2012 Topps Magic Julio Jones

2011 Topps Magic Football is all about the rookie cards. It’s not, however, about hobby shops.

2012 Topps Archives Baseball Information and Checklist

2012 Topps Archives Koufax auto

After a photo tease last week, Topps has released information about its upcoming resurrection of the Archives set. Chris Harris has the lowdown.

Topps 2011 Products: Best and Worst Money Makers

Gypsy Queen box

A study of nearly two dozen Topps 2011 baseball products reveals those still making money and those that have dealers bleeding red ink.

PA Cops: Crime Spree Began With Baseball Cards


Three people have been arrested after a string of thefts that resulted in a van packed full of what police say are stolen collectibles.

Willie Mays Autographs Will Appear in 2012 Topps products

Willie Mays auto Topps Tribute

60 years after he first appeared on a bubble gum card, Willie Mays has made a deal with Topps to sign autographs on 2012 baseball cards.

2011 Topps Football Offers Familiar Concepts

2011 Topps football box

Football is back and so, for the 56th year, are Topps football cards. Rich Klein tackles a fresh box.

2011 Topps Tribute Pack Review

2011 Topps Tribute Sandy Koufax

Not for the light of wallet, 2011 Topps Tribute packs offer autographs, relics and parallels in each five-card pack.

Bryce Harper: The Uber Prospect Awaits

2010 Bowman Bryce Harper Team USA

22 years after another hyped teenager proved worthy, Bryce Harper is about to come to a baseball card box near you.

2011 Topps Diamond Giveaway Includes Engagement Ring

Topps Diamond Anniversary

If you’re thinking of getting married and don’t mind getting dirty, Topps wants to talk to you.

Hank Aaron Signs Contract to Sign for Topps

Heritage Baseball Real One Auto Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron will wield a Sharpie for Topps’ upcoming 2011 baseball card inserts.

Topps Signs Jason Heyward to Contract

Jason Heyward

Topps is hitching itself to the rapidly filling Jason Heyward bandwagon.