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Topps Heritage 51 Collection Box Break

Topps Heritage 51 Collection is a shout back to the company’s humble baseball card beginnings. Rich Klein breaks a box and offers some thoughts.

Heritage Minors 2015 Box Break/Review

Prospects get the 1966 style treatment in 2015 Topps Heritage Minors. The new edition has Rich Klein pondering the chances of an earlier release date.

2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers Set Returns to Packs

The 2015 Topps Heritage High Number series will be released in hobby box form with 24 packs and one autograph.

Topps to Create Heritage 51 Collection Set

Topps will create Heritage 51 Collection, a boxed set product, with parallels and an autograph.

2015 Topps Heritage Minors Preview

Available only in hobby shops, 2015 Topps Heritage Minors returns this fall with a few big league autographs mixed in through the ‘Looming Legacy’ series.

Ramblings: Stamped Buybacks, Autographs and Other Heritage Thoughts

Rich Klein is fine with stamped buyback cards. He also wonders if Topps will do anything to mimic famous mistakes in the 1966 set with this year’s Heritage.

Oscar Taveras Cards, Autographs Still Slated for 2014 Topps Heritage High Number Set

The baseball card update set will return in late October with 100 Topps Heritage high numbers and an autograph packed into each box.

Heritage Minor League Baseball 2014 Box Break/Review

You may not know all of the names, but you’ll recognize the design as 2015 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball edition arrives. Rich Klein breaks a box.

Topps Heritage Minors Returns

A look ahead to the prospect-throwback hybrid set as 2014 Topps Heritage Minors awaits a late season call up.

Topps Heritage Box Break Fun But Could Be Even Better

As Rich Klein tackles a 2014 Heritage Baseball box break, he’s tying the past to the present but also wondering about some possibilities.

VIDEO: Olbermann Not as Fast as Whitey but Signs for Topps

Fan, long-time collector and commentator Keith Olbermann autographs cards for the 2014 Topps Heritage issue.

2013 Topps Heritage High Numbers Review

Rich Klein examines the world of 2013 Topps Heritage High Numbers and says Topps is also selling 1/1 blank backs from the new set.

2012 Topps Heritage High Number Set Limited to 1,000 Sets

Its base product’s update set just hit store shelves but now Topps is releasing Heritage High Number sets, with a $1 per card price tag and only 1,000 made.

2012 Topps Heritage Minors Baseball Review

A slimmed down version of the mothership, the 2012 Topps Heritage Minors cards offer some new players and old concepts.