topps football

1975 Topps Football Rookies a Bumper Crop

If a set’s power is measured by its rookie cards, there aren’t many better than the 1975 Topps football rookies.

Topps Triple Threads NFL Box Break-Review

Back for a final year, Topps Triple Threads NFL offers a familiar mix. Rich Klein breaks open a master box.

2015 Topps Strata Football Preview

2015 Topps Strata Football is ditching the base cards and morphing into an all-autograph, two card per pack product.

Topps Taking Tek to Football

Topps brought its 1990s Tek concept back in last year’s baseball products. Now, they’re bringing it to football with a late season release.

Topps Signs Jameis Winston to Autograph Deal

In its final year as an NFLPA licensee, Topps has hitched its wagon to Jameis Winston, who will sign autographs for its 2015 products.

Topps Triple Threads Football Box Break-Review

Topps Triple Threads NFL 2014 brings its usual elements to the table as it returns for another year. Rich Klein breaks a box.

2014 Topps Football Arrives

There’s a definite fantasy football flavor to the 2014 Topps football card issue. We’ve got a look at the cards, the checklist and links to cards and boxes for sale.

New 2014 Topps Fire Football Preview and Checklist

Newly introduced 2014 Topps Fire Football will offer four hits per box with a non-traditional design. A preview and full checklist is inside.

Topps to Produce NFL Rookie Premiere Product

Don’t look for 2014 Topps NFL Rookie Premiere to be all about THIS year’s rookies.

2014 Topps Platinum Football Preview

2014 Topps Platinum Football will be out in mid-season, with a new look and a major emphasis on rookie autographs.

Vintage Cards, Autographs, Memorabilia All Part of Huggins & Scott Auction

A prototype card from the rare 1968 Topps 3-D issue highlights Huggins & Scott’s auction, which also includes dozens of vintage cards and rare sports memorabilia.

2011 Topps Football Offers Familiar Concepts

Football is back and so, for the 56th year, are Topps football cards. Rich Klein tackles a fresh box.

1960 Topps Football Set Affordable–Even in Graded Form

Looking for a vintage football card set that won’t crush your budget? This might be the one.