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Weekend Notes: Record for Williams; MLBPA Report; Piazza Update

Big bucks flying for vintage icons, national attention on the Piazza jersey, the MLBPA reports on licensing fees and Adam Wainwright’s auction for Flint.

TOPPS NOW Turns Daily Highlights into Baseball Cards

The 2016 baseball season will play out through TOPPS NOW, a new program that will turn moments and milestones into cards that have a 24-hour sales window.

Flashback: Topps Had Lots of Unsold 1957-58 Basketball

A newspaper article reveals some interesting facts about collectors and the hobby as they were 54 years ago.

Your Chance to Decide Topps Card #1

Topps is giving collectors the chance to decide who gets the honor of being card #1 in the 2016 baseball set.

Confirmed: Topps Expanding Digital Efforts in Florida

Topps is moving forward with a new development studio in Florida for its digital endeavors, hiring a staff of 15.

Topps Talks Redemption Cards, Customer Service, NFL, NBA

An open question and answer session had company officials discussing everything from league licenses to the best time to reach its customer service staff.

Editor’s Blog: Recent Newspaper, Magazine, TV Coverage for the Hobby

The sports card industry gets a little attention from newspapers, a magazine and TV outlets.

Topps Launches New Custom Card Making Tool

Want to put yourself in a trading card pack? Topps has a new custom card making tool, using three different design options including this year’s style.

1973: Topps’ Business Draws AP Attention

An old article reveals the trading card business to be a much different place in 1973, but a growing enterprise with Topps providing cards for four sports.

Sy Berger Elected to Shrine of the Eternals

The Baseball Reliquary has elected the late Sy Berger, long-time head of Topps, to its ‘Shrine of the Eternals’, which honors memorable baseball figures.

Joe Montana Rookie Card Still Cool

If you had the foresight to invest in Joe Montana cards before the Super Bowls…and before Jerry Rice…you did OK.

Sy Berger, Long Time Topps’ Executive Dies at 91

A collection of stories and video from the life and times of Topps co-founder Sy Berger, who passed away early Sunday at age 91.

What’s Ahead for Topps’ Ownership?

Those who might have an interest in the Topps Company will be closely examining a very new part of the business before deciding to make an offer according to one report.

Topps at the National: Feedback, Recruiting, Promotions

Topps was taking feedback from adult collectors at the National while looking for ways to draw a new generation into the hobby.

Topps Brand Manager Discusses Digital Cards, More with Bloomberg

Topps says it’s selling three digital card packs per second. A company rep talks with Bloomberg News about that and more.

2015 Topps Tribute Baseball Will Include All On-Card Autographs

2015 Topps Tribute Baseball will include six hits per box when it arrives March 18.

Update: Topps Still Struggling with Storm’s Aftermath

Floodwaters crippled subways and Topps’ New York offices were still without power as New York continued to deal with the after effects of Hurricane Sandy.

eTopps Program at Standstill

Topps is re-thinking its digital strategy, leaving collectors who bought eTopps to wonder what the future holds.

1952 Topps Baseball Reprint Set Offers Affordable Alternative

Even in the early 1980s, collectors were finding it cost prohibitive to buy high grade originals so the company set out to create a complete 1952 Topps Baseball Reprint set. Issued in 1983 and sold to sports card dealers by the case, the ’52 Topps reprints came in a blue box and is the first […]

USOC Partners With Topps for 2012 Olympics Cards

Topps has signed a deal with the United States Olympic Committee to create a special card set prior to the 2012 Olympics in London.