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2016 Topps Chrome Baseball Offers Shiny Additions

Low numbered veteran autographs will be part of the mix for 2016 Topps Chrome Baseball, due out this summer. We’ve got a preview of the annual release.

2015 Topps Chrome Football Preview

2015 Topps Chrome Football will feature designs from past sets, a shout out to its 60 years in football and a sizable checklist of 1/1 SuperFractors.

2014 Topps Chrome Football Box Break

A typically popular product has gotten off to a bit of a rough start. Rich Klein has a 2014 Topps Chrome football box break–and some insight.

Topps Chrome Football Set Arrives

2014 Topps Chrome Football won’t stray too far from the formula but the company’s 1963 design gets some love this year and there will be some patch action.

Ramblings: Dawn of the Hobby Shop vs. Retail Battle

Dealers’ cold feet led to a retail only release for 1996-97 Topps Chrome Basketball, setting the stage for some angst between hobby shops and card makers.

2014 Topps Chrome MLS Soccer Meets its Goooooaaaalllll

Maybe you love soccer, maybe you don’t but Topps’ first effort to bring Chrome to MLS cards seems to have brought solid value.

Hobby vs. Jumbo: 2014 Topps Chrome Baseball Review

There are two options for collectors in 2014 Topps Chrome Baseball. Rich Klein has the calculator out as he breaks a box of the latest issue.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Mike’s Top 5 Selling Sports Card Products

Some new products are selling below cost, but others are doing well. Here are the top five selling sports card boxes at Mike’s Stadium Sports Cards.

Topps Will Produce Chrome Update Series as Part of ‘Holiday Mega Boxes’

If you want the 2013 Topps Chrome Update cards Topps has produced, you’ll have to buy their ‘holiday mega box’ with regular Topps baseball update packs.

Topps Filing: 42 Million Chrome Packs Sold

While chasing protection for its Topps Chrome line with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the company reveals some interesting sales figures.

2012 Topps Chrome Football: The One They’ll Be Waiting For

Autographs in hand, Topps plunges full speed ahead into plans for 2012 Chrome football.

Editor’s Blog: Hosmer Autos in Chrome, Aaron PRIME Redemption, Stolen Goods

Topps product updates and a NorCal burglary nets baseball cards and a baseball signed by (we think) a Hall of Famer.