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2012 Topps Baseball Series One Box Break

Topps Baseball 2012 box

It’s a couple of weeks after the launch of 2012 Topps Series One. Rich Klein breaks open a box now that things have settled a bit.

Jack Butler Waited for Rookie Card, Hall of Fame Call

1957 Topps Jack Butler

Jack Butler had played six seasons in the NFL before he finally appeared on a football card. His wait to get into the Hall of Fame was a lot longer.

Five Great Mickey Mantle Cards on a Budget

1952 Bowman Mantle

Building a nice little collection of Mickey Mantle cards that represents his career well doesn’t have to be out of your league.

Seven Vintage Rookie Cards Poised for Growth?

1952 Topps Mays

They’re never found in the bargain box, but you might still be getting a good deal if you buy and hold these old baseball rookie cards.