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2015 Topps Pro Debut Review, Checklist

Minor leaguers get big league treatment in 2015 Topps Pro Debut baseball.

Don’t Hate on Topps Stickers

Despise hit chasing? Want to hook up the youngsters with a low priced product? Nothing wrong with some nice looking stickers says Rich Klein.

Topps Peeks Upcoming Cards in 2014 Issue

A few more preview images ahead of next week’s release of 2014 Topps Baseball.

Topps Opening Day to Return in 2014

2014 Topps Opening Day will return next spring. We’ve got a preview of one of next season’s first products, aimed at the younger set.

Topps to Give Away Best Rookie Cards of All-Time as Part of 2014 Series Promotion

2014 Topps Series One Baseball cards will be out in mid-winter. Here’s a preview and early checklist for the company’s flagship brand.

Topps 2013 Baseball Preview, Checklist and Information

The current season still has some tread life, but Topps is already thinking 2013. Information, card designs and a checklist are already out. You’ll also hear a lot about ‘chases’.

2012 Topps Football Preview: More of the Same…But Different

Topps gives us a look at next season’s 2012 Topps football card base product, with a design that’s different but content that’s familiar.

2012 Topps Baseball: Christmas or Craziness?

For collectors, ‘Opening Day’ means ripping the first packs of the year’s first cards, when celebrity collectors blog, dealers bust mountains of cases and buyers and sellers test eBay’s servers.

Gold Ticket Redemptions Part of Topps’ 2012 Promo Push

Topps Gold Ticket Redemptions will be scarce, but they’ll be good for a triple signed baseball from three big names.

2012 Topps Gold Rush Redemption Set Info

Don’t throw those wrappers away. It’s the only way you can get 2012 Topps Gold Rush cards–but you’ll need several hundred to have a shot at a set.

2012 Topps Baseball Will Include Gold Cards

Topps gives us a peek at what their 2012 baseball card boxes will offer.

Pack Busting and Flipping with Jimmy Fallon and Bob Costas

NBC’s late night funster Jimmy Fallon shares some old Topps gum and flipping games with Bob Costas.

Bryce Harper: The Uber Prospect Awaits

22 years after another hyped teenager proved worthy, Bryce Harper is about to come to a baseball card box near you.

2011 Topps Wrapper Redemption Program Announced

Topps will offer buyers of its 2011 hobby and jumbo boxes some packs from a special wrapper redemption set.

2011 Topps Series Two Preview

Topps shows off some of the cards we’ll see in 2011 Series Two, along with details on its diamond ring promotion.