tobacco cards

Red Man Cards Gave Collectors Something To Chew On

What was inside those pouches didn’t do your health any favors but the Red Man baseball cards of the 1950s can be addicting.

Fresh Collection of Tobacco Cards Comes to Auction

Wheatland Auction Services is offering hundreds of T205, T206 and T207 cards from an elderly man’s estate as part of its newly-launched Winter Auction.

Researcher Sheds Light on Tobacco Cards in Old Photos

Some phenomenal research has finally offered insight into the century-old baseball cards visible in the backs of some photos from the Library of Congress.

Big Tobacco Card Find Lights Up New York Shop

Dozens of century-old tobacco cards, including several super scarce T205 Drum Back variations are brought in to a New York card shop.

T206 Cards Caused Uproar Upon 1909 Release

Newspaper editorial writers came out with guns blazing as kids flocked to the cigarette packs containing what we know today as T206 cards.

T206 Wagner Soars Past $1 Million on Opening Day of Bidding

In less than seven hours, the consignor of the latest T206 Honus Wagner to hit the auction block had already realized a profit…with 23 days left.

5 Underrated T205 Cards

You can chase Hall of Famers like Cobb and Mathewson but there are some underrated T205 cards that won’t require a huge cash outlay.

Collectors’ Choice: Most Popular Baseball Card Sets, 1900-1949

Collect what you like, but here are some of what many consider the most popular baseball card sets made in the first half of the 20th century.

Now Graded, Huge Tobacco Card Collection Generates Headlines

A treasure trove of original T206 cards will enter the market for the first time next year.

Massive Hoard of T206 Cards Consigned to Auction

A group of over 1,400 T206 and T205 cards that remained in the same family for generations, many in high grade, will be coming on the market next winter.

Editor’s Blog: Scouring eBay Pays Off with Pinkerton Cabinet Find

Locating some rare 103-year-old Pinkerton Cabinet cards on eBay turned out to involve a little extra work for our guest columnist but it was worth it.

Ty Cobb Baseball Cards Remain Strong

Ty Cobb cards remain the hobby’s early 20th century gold standard and a look at eBay shows there are plenty of people focused on the Georgia Peach’s vintage cardboard.

Family Heirloom: Large Vintage Baseball Card Collection Consigned

Rudy Strejc grew up in the Pacific Northwest during the first part of the 20th century and his childhood collection of tobacco cards and others from the era would expand later in life. Now, it’s all about to be sold at auction.

Babe Ruth Signed Ball, Lot of 300+ Tobacco Cards in Live Auction

A ball signed by Babe Ruth and given to a young ballplayer in 1939 and a big collection of vintage tobacco cards will go on the block Thanksgiving weekend.

Another Big Find: Thousands of Tobacco Cards Including 2 Joe Jackson Rookies Snared by SCP Auctions

Suddenly, America’s attics are raining century-old baseball cards. More than 1,000 tobacco cards including some super scarce T206 backs and a pair of Old Mill Joe Jacksons are about to hit the hobby.

Mayo’s Football Set Among Sports Collecting’s Rarities

The find of the rarest card from football card collecting’s rarest vintage issue is putting the focus back on the 1894 May’s football set.

T206 Doyle Error to Be Auctioned

Robert Edward Auctions has acquired a large group of rare pre-War cards from the estate of a long-time collector, including the T206 set’s most prized rarity.

Lawyer’s Decor? T206 Cards

A Michigan attorney has pieced together a unique display of T206 cards.

1910 T211 Red Sun Tobacco Cards Hit Auction

A group of rare century-old tobacco cards featuring minor leaguers has entered the market for the first time.

2010 Topps T206 Box Break

Topps puts a century-old twist into its latest product.