2012 Topps Baseball: Christmas or Craziness?

For collectors, ‘Opening Day’ means ripping the first packs of the year’s first cards, when celebrity collectors blog, dealers bust mountains of cases and buyers and sellers test eBay’s servers.

Grand Opening for New Jersey Office

PSA is celebrating the opening of its new New Jersey office.

Halo Hunters Seek Autos Behind “The Fence”

The Orange County Register talks with a group of die-hard autograph hunters outside the players’ lot in Anaheim.

Yankees Loss Cost Steiner

No Yankees or Red Sox in baseball’s final four means a loss of revenue for memorabilia agent Steiner Sports.

1926 Ruth Bat Up for Auction…in Ireland

A bat Babe Ruth gave to an Irish hurling star is on the block.

Editor’s Blog: Investing in Cards, PSA Plans, What the Puck?

A pair of giveaways from PSA at the National. They’re still playing ‘Where’s That Championship Puck’ in Chicago and one media outlet digs into into the baseball cad investment angle. It’s all in the blog.

50 NBA Stars Autograph Volvo Hood to Fight Childhood Cancer

It’s one star-studded hood.

Shopping for Cheap Autographs? Think Off-Season

It’s no myth that signed memorabilia fluctuates in price based on which sport has the public’s attention.

Topps Five Star Football Out Today

Topps says it’s pulled out all of the stops for its newest super premium line. Will it be worth the investment?

Busy Bidding in Huggins & Scott Auction

All but a few lots offered in a recent catalog sale found new homes, including some big ticket modern era cards.

eBay Offering Free Listings, Any Starting Price

eBay’s pre-holiday promotion is back, with the auction giant offering the chance to list anything with little risk.

Tiger Slam Irons Back on Auction Block

Polygraph tests and a sworn oath are part of the documentation behind a new auction of Tiger Woods-used irons said to be those used when he won four straight major championships.

eBay Submit Best Offer Option a Win-Win

You don’t always have to pay the list price for a card that catches your eye.

eBay Bucks Program Boosts Sales

JustCollect spent some hectic days after adding some juice to an eBay cash back program that helps its buyers and sellers.

Deceased Man’s Shoebox Keeps Memory Alive

A small piece of a man who died too young lives on in a couple of old shoeboxes full of cards that connects him to a fellow fan.

Hobby Shop a Nice Retirement Biz

A South Carolina shop owner takes care of his younger patrons while making use of his newfound time.

Blog: Mays Left ’em High and Dry in Galesburg

24 years ago, Willie Mays left hundreds standing in line at a card show in Illinois.

“Re-discovered” T206 Wagner Card Set for Auction

Here’s proof that some T206 Honus Wagner cards do sit quietly in private collections.

Brand Loyalty Lost in Sports Card Industry Shuffle

We still haven’t gotten official confirmation that Topps has lost its NFLPA license, but assuming the news from earlier this week is indeed the truth, it’s another blow to long-time collectors. In a never-ending bid to right a ship that began listing in the early 1990s, the powers that be in sports continue to tinker […]

Cards No Gold Mine for 80s, 90s Buyers

One former overproduction years card buyer has a few gripes to air about his era.