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Robert Edward Auctions

More Teams Hop on Paperless Ticket Train

1968 World Series stub

What will collectors have to commemorate some of sports’ great milestones if printed tickets become a thing of the past?

News and Notes: Joe DiMaggio Letter to Marilyn Monroe Fetches $78,125

Marilyn Monroe love letter Joe DiMaggio

Joe D pleads with Marilyn after she announces divorce, paper tickets on the way out, list of upcoming Topps releases and NFL programs from Dec. 7, 1941.

Stories in the Stubs: What You Can Find in a Lowly Used Ticket


A little research can sometimes turn what appears to be an ordinary regular season game ticket stub into a gem.

Marlins Selling Unused Tickets to Henderson Alvarez No-Hitter

Henderson Alvarez no-hitter ticket autographed

The Miami Marlins are selling unused tickets from the Henderson Alvarez no-hitter.

Top Selling Sports Ticket Stubs on eBay

1936 Yankees ticket stub

You could buy a ticket to this year’s Super Bowl. But wouldn’t it be a better long term investment to own one of these…for less money?

Paterno Memorabilia Doing Brisk Business on eBay

Autographed Paterno photo

The end of an era at Penn State saw items from his first…and last games…popping up on eBay.

National Automobile Racing Memorabilia Show Packs ‘em In

Indianapolis auto racing memorabilia show

It’s not just for gearheads. Thousands from around the world will descend on Indiana later this month for the big race–and the second oldest sports memorabilia show in the country.

Editor’s Blog: Jones Scores, Lotta Stubs, Sheen Signs

Autographed Bobby Jones golf ball

Of Bobby Jones signed golf balls, a ticket stub cataloging milestone, Charlie Sheen’s autograph and more…