Fired Topps Employee Says He Was Triple Threads ‘John Henry’ Model; Now Suing

A former employee is trying to put the hammer down on Topps, saying it’s his picture on the 2011 Triple Threads John Henry card–but he was fired before it was released and would have never approved being pictured as the mythical former slave.

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2011 Panini Threads Box Break

Panini Threads goes horizontal for its 2011 football issue. We get a look at what the hobby boxes offer while opening the less expensive blaster.

Panini Threads Football 2011: Back For Sixth Year

Panini’s 2011 Threads football product is back with Autographed Rookie Class Nameplates and Pro Gridiron Kings insert cards.

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Football is back and so is Triple Threads. We’ve not preview images and more.

Upper Deck Launches 2010-11 Ultimate Collection Hockey

One rookie card, autograph card and memorabilia card should be in every pack, on average.

2011 Topps Triple Threads Sneak Peek

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Panini is bringing the hardwood to its next basketball card product.

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Autographs, die-cuts and the usual letterman patches are part of the attraction with Upper Deck’s latest football release.

Donruss Threads using jersey letters

Players will sign jersey lettering for use as inserts in ’06 Donruss football. Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala had nightmares about having to do this.