Mile High Card Co.

Third Man Arrested in Violent Home Invasion Card Robbery

Kristopher Muzzall

A 27-year-old Chicago man is in jail in connection with a 2014 Chicago area home invasion robbery in which a six-figure collection of cards was stolen.

Jail, Restitution for 3 Men in $1.3 Million Card Theft


Three men who stole massive quantities of sports card boxes from their employer thanks to a computer software glitch were handed sentences on Thursday.

Thieves Steal Yogi Berra’s Memorabilia

Yogi Berra museum

A break-in at a learning center and museum in his name have authorities offering a reward for the recovery of stolen Yogi Berra memorabilia.

Ex-Dave & Adam’s Employees Plead Guilty to $1.3 Million Theft


Three men who worked at Dave & Adam’s Card World stores in Buffalo have pleaded guilty to stealing $1.3 million worth of trading card boxes.

Theft Charges Against Doc After Earl Williams Memorabilia Goes Missing

1972 Topps Earl Williams

A doctor authorities say wasn’t licensed is accused of stealing baseball memorabilia from the career of the late Earl Williams.

California Man Gets Probation for Filing False Claim Over ‘Stolen’ Mantle Cards

California Department of Insurance

The California man who pleaded guilty to filing a false insurance claim for $20,500 worth of Mickey Mantle cards he said were stolen won’t spend any time in jail.

Ex-Postal Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing


A 58-year-old Williamson, N.Y. man has admitted to stealing items sent through the U.S. Mail including a 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card.

NJ Man Says $10,000 Card Collection Stolen

Bridgeton, NJ

Why was a baseball card collection supposedly worth ten grand left behind in a home while the owner moved out?

PA Cops: Crime Spree Began With Baseball Cards


Three people have been arrested after a string of thefts that resulted in a van packed full of what police say are stolen collectibles.

Maid Accused of Cleaning Out Collector’s Signed Baseballs

Signed baseballs

The Travis County, Texas Sheriff says a woman hired to clean up at a house in Texas swiped a nice collection of autographed baseballs.

Judge Sentences Michael Jordan Card Addict to Jail


An Australian hoops fan will spend time on the bench after pleading guilty to stealing over a half million in rare currency from the shop where he worked and using the eBay proceeds to buy Michael Jordan cards.

Trade You a Blaster Box for Some Smack…


One of two men convicted of stealing boxes of cards and trading them for drugs will spend time in the pokey.

Punk Steals Grandpa’s Autographed Ruth Baseball


It was not a Norman Rockwell-like scene in Ocean Pines, Md., where a teen hoodlum swiped his grandfather’s memorabilia.

PA Dealer Still Appealing; Seized Items Still on Hold

legal scales

Appeals continue, so the state of Pennsylvania won’t be selling off what it seized from Roger Hooper.

Two Arrested for Baseball Card Box Fraud

Jesus Gil

A Florida couple is accused of pulling a boatload of UPC switcheroos on various types of sports card boxes.

Cleveland Cops: Two Caught in Card Caper Captured


One’s named after the plane that bombed Japan in WWII.

Mets Fire Clubhouse Man Amid Gambling, Memorabilia Probe

Charlie Samuels

Game used memorabilia might not be leaking out of the Mets’ lockerroom anymore.

Teens Charged in Sports Memorabilia Theft

Teens arrested

Update: Arrests made. A hoard of autographed sports memorabilia stolen from a Florida home recently turns up in the hands of teens who visit a local pawn shop.

Florida Man Charged Over Phantom Signed Baseball

Kenneth Lane

Sheriff’s deputies say Kenneth Lane sold a ball signed by a catcher–and a mobster. One he didn’t have.