3 Charged in Dodgers Equipment Thefts

Two men described as “longtime Dodgers security guards” and another man have been charged in connection with stolen game-used and issued gear.

Team Attorney Helps Stop Dodgers Clubhouse Thefts

A Dodgers attorney browsing eBay ran into some items he knew shouldn’t be for sale and helped set up a trap to catch the thieves.

Signed Bat, Ball and…Shrunken Heads Stolen at Ripley’s

Signed items from a couple of Hall of Famers and some shrunken heads were taken and replaced with fakes at Ripley’s Believe it or Not in Times Square.

Championship Belts Stolen from IBHOF Still Missing

Mike Tyson has now chimed in but six title belts owned by old-time boxers Tony Zale and Carmen Basilio remain missing after a theft last November.

Fugitive in Violent Robbery of Collector Caught in Mexico

A 28-year-old man who fled the country after being charged with having a role in the robbery of a Chicago area collector has been extradited from Mexico.

Retrieving Cards Stolen By Postal Worker Was Long Process

The victim of a $68,000 theft by a Massachusetts postal worker has two of his cards back and hopes to recover more after her recent guilty plea.

Police Hunt Thieves Who Looted SoCal Man’s Collections

California dealer/collector Don Del Mazzio returned home from a family wedding to find his home ransacked and thousands of cards and collectibles missing.

Hundreds of Game-Worn NBA, NHL Jerseys Stolen from MeiGray Offices

MeiGray is hoping alert collectors, dealers and others will help them track down game-worn jerseys worth well into six figures that were taken in a burglary.

Ex-Dave & Adam’s Employees Sentenced in $1.3 Million Theft

Three men who worked at Dave & Adam’s Card World will spend time in prison and have to pay back the value of the $1.3 million worth of boxes they stole.

Notes: Stolen Series Ring Recovered; Slugger Museum’s 1890 Colonels Exhibit

A former trainer gets his 1985 Royals World Series ring back after a burglary, a cool exhibit in Louisville and NBA player Matt Bonner’s collection.

Third Man Arrested in Violent Home Invasion Card Robbery

A 27-year-old Chicago man is in jail in connection with a 2014 Chicago area home invasion robbery in which a six-figure collection of cards was stolen.

Thieves Steal Yogi Berra’s Memorabilia

A break-in at a learning center and museum in his name have authorities offering a reward for the recovery of stolen Yogi Berra memorabilia.

Theft Charges Against Doc After Earl Williams Memorabilia Goes Missing

A doctor authorities say wasn’t licensed is accused of stealing baseball memorabilia from the career of the late Earl Williams.

California Man Gets Probation for Filing False Claim Over ‘Stolen’ Mantle Cards

The California man who pleaded guilty to filing a false insurance claim for $20,500 worth of Mickey Mantle cards he said were stolen won’t spend any time in jail.

Ex-Postal Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing

A 58-year-old Williamson, N.Y. man has admitted to stealing items sent through the U.S. Mail including a 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card.

NJ Man Says $10,000 Card Collection Stolen

Why was a baseball card collection supposedly worth ten grand left behind in a home while the owner moved out?

PA Cops: Crime Spree Began With Baseball Cards

Three people have been arrested after a string of thefts that resulted in a van packed full of what police say are stolen collectibles.

Maid Accused of Cleaning Out Collector’s Signed Baseballs

The Travis County, Texas Sheriff says a woman hired to clean up at a house in Texas swiped a nice collection of autographed baseballs.

Judge Sentences Michael Jordan Card Addict to Jail

An Australian hoops fan will spend time on the bench after pleading guilty to stealing over a half million in rare currency from the shop where he worked and using the eBay proceeds to buy Michael Jordan cards.

Trade You a Blaster Box for Some Smack…

One of two men convicted of stealing boxes of cards and trading them for drugs will spend time in the pokey.