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Baseball Card Exchange

Report: FBI Raid Included Cards Listed as Rogers Loan Collateral


Some of what the FBI took from John Rogers’ Arkansas business last year were items he’d listed as collateral on millions of dollars in bank loans.

8 Sports Card Issues Rarer Than the T206 Wagner

1921 Frederick Foto Babe Ruth

A look at several vintage sports cards that are much harder to locate than the fabled T206 Honus Wagner.

T206 Wagner, Jackie Robinson Rookie Trophy Bring Combined $1 Million+

T206 Wagner PSA 2

A T206 Honus Wagner and Jackie Robinson’s original 1947 Rookie of the Year trophy were among the items sold by Lelands.

The Memorabilia Market: Eye on the Future

1953 Mickey Mantle All Star Game Bat

In the fifth of a ten-part question and answer session, some auction house reps talk about what types of sports memorabilia have solid potential for growth.

Memory Lane Sells PSA 1 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth for $325,000

Babe Ruth rookie card 1914

Just three years after it last changed hands, a 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth card graded ‘poor’ has sold for more than twice what the buyer paid.

1909 Kids Were Caught Up in Baseball Card Mania

1900s kids playing baseball

Maybe we’ve found the true answer as to why Honus Wagner didn’t want his picture used in the T206 tobacco card series. Newly discovered accounts of the A recently discovered column that appeared in the August 9, 1909 edition of the Charlotte (NC) Observer, and a follow-up on September 1 of that year, would indicate […]