t206 baseball cards

Million Dollar Find in a Paper Bag

A southern family cleaning out great grandpa’s estate discovers a stash of seven rare Ty Cobb cards after almost throwing them away.

Most Watched T206 Baseball Cards on eBay

It’s the most popular pre-War era set and bidding reflects that fact. From Cobb to Christy, a live look at the most watched T206 baseball cards on eBay.

Digitization Bringing Jefferson Burdick Collection to All

The process of digitizing the iconic Jefferson Burdick Collection continues in New York with more than 34,000 cards now online and available for viewing.

Legendary T206 Doyle Variation Headlines REA Fall Auction

A T206 card far more scarce than the famous Honus Wagner makes a rare appearance at Robert Edward Auctions as the company prepares to launch its fall event.

Real vs. Not So Real: Tips on Authenticating T206 Cards

The most famous card in the world is often the target of counterfeiters. Here are tips on spotting a fake Honus Wagner and authenticating T206s as a whole.

Analyzing 60 Days of T206 Card Sales

A look at a recent 60-day period of eBay sales of T206 cards reveals the top selling cards and a boatload of cash dropped.

T206 Wagner Find (Yes, it’s Real)

It’s no high grade beauty, but a new T206 Wagner has come out of a wall safe in Pennsylvania.

T206 Wagner Card Paced Auction

Some rare Honus Wagner cards, including the holy grail were among those making up a $3.1 million auction.