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Baseball Card Exchange

M101-4 Ruth, 1933 Goudey Break Up Headlines MHCC Auction

Babe Ruth M101-4 PSA 5

A high quality example of Ruth’s rookie card and numerous vintage sets and rare cards are among the lots on the block through March 19.

COMC Challenge: Sweet Caporal Doesn’t Always Mean Baseball Cards

COMC Challenge

The latest COMC Challenge will sent you back to the 19th century to either resurrect a web page for the Sweet Caporal Acttresses set or locate a checklist.

Rare Albino Background T206 Eddie Plank Heads to Auction

Albino T206 Eddie Plank card

Rare in standard issue form, where will bidding end for a T206 Eddie Plank missing its color from the printing process of more than a century ago?

Sweet Caporal Pins 1910-1912

Sweet Caporal Ty Cobb

Think you can’t afford any pre-WWI tobacco-related baseball memorabilia? Think again. Sweet Caporal pins are similar to T205 and much cheaper.

T206 Eddie Plank a Worthy Challenger to Wagner

Eddie Plank T206 PSA 2

The T206 Eddie Plank plays Lou Gehrig to its more Ruthian-like brother, Honus Wagner, but serious collectors know how scarce it is.

Concerns Over Fake Wagner Cards Not New

T206 Honus Wagner

Even in the 1950s, collectors had to be on the alert for T206 Honus Wagner cards that had been ‘created’.