Sports Stuff, Scary Stuff Share Space at Shop

Your local card shop may not find Halloween to be such a big deal, but we found one that’s scoring with scary stuff.

Editor’s Blog: Schilling’s Stuff, Hall of Famers Return to Cooperstown, NFL Gamers

Schilling talks auction, the Cooperstown guest list for autograph hounds and a look at one of the hobby’s hottest niches.

Got Stuff? eBay Offering Nickel Listing Day Today

Got stuff to sell? Used your 50 freebies? Today might be the day to get busy.

Editor’s Blog: Lawsuit Settled, Rodgers Signed Stuff Stolen

There will be no trial in Ketap vs. Forman and some Aaron Rodgers autographs disappear into thin air.

List Your Stuff on eBay…Free

If you’ve been thinking about making a purchase or six on eBay, today might be the day. The auction giant is also offering another deal until the end of the month if you’re in the selling mode.

“I Sold it on eBay….and You’re Paying to Ship it”

Making some extra cash on eBay=good. Charging it to your employer=bad.

Cleaning out the Clutter: When it’s Time to Downsize

Need money? Need space? Some things to keep in mind as you make the difficult decision to downsize and how to maximize your return.

New Jersey Investigators Hunt Thief

It’s a bummer when someone steals your stuff. Especially when your stuff is a really nice card collection. New Jersey’s finest need help finding the crook.

’06 Tigers pushing vintage Tigers’ stuff

It's a bad year to be a buyer of nice, old Tigers' memorabilia. Detroit-area  dealers are seeing a resurgence in vintage Tigers' stuff.  They say this year's team is bringing back the pinstripe pride…and driving up prices. 

Trash and Treasure at All Star Appraisal Fest

Apparently it’s the "summer of appraisals" in the world of sports collecting. The trend continued in Pittsburgh over the weekend where locals dug through their stuff and showed it to Dave Bushing.