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Top Selling Sports Ticket Stubs on eBay

1936 Yankees ticket stub

You could buy a ticket to this year’s Super Bowl. But wouldn’t it be a better long term investment to own one of these…for less money?

Editor’s Blog: Jones Scores, Lotta Stubs, Sheen Signs

Autographed Bobby Jones golf ball

Of Bobby Jones signed golf balls, a ticket stub cataloging milestone, Charlie Sheen’s autograph and more…

Lifetime Ticket Collection Full of Memories


Stan Sherr’s ticket stubs are a link to a lifetime of going to games.

Anyone for a $2,000 Ticket Stub Sombrero?

ticket sombrero

Hey, it’s better than carting a slimy octopus to the rink.

The Art of the Stub

ticket stubs

One fan is creating a community collection of ticket stubs online. But is the stub going the way of the dinosaur?