Ohio Card Shop Destroyed By Fire

A long-time card shop in northeast Ohio was gutted Thursday night by an intense fire.

Two Arrested for Baseball Card Box Fraud

A Florida couple is accused of pulling a boatload of UPC switcheroos on various types of sports card boxes.

2011 SAGE Football Blaster Box Break

A post-break video offers a look at SAGE’s first football card effort of the new year.

Tigers Now Selling Game Worn, Game Used Items

You can add the Detroit Tigers to the list of clubs selling their own game-used gear. We’ve got the story courtesy of the local Fox station.

2011 Topps Inception Focused on NFL Rookies

Topps will release a rookie-centered Inception product just as training camps are about to begin–we hope.

Shops, Card Makers Look for Common Ground

Hobby shop owners get to bend the ears of sports card makers. Will their voices be heard?

Editor’s Blog: Convict Card Caper, Store Raid

Some legal briefs involving a box cutter and ICE.

Topps Supreme Football Box Break

Topps hopes you’ll see its Supreme football brand as having quality rather than quantity.

2011 NFL Experience: First Impressions

The NFL Experience includes a card show open nine out of 11 days leading up to Super Bowl XLV.

2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Box Break

You’ll need a copy of Baseball America to figure out who some of them are, but collectors still seem to have the jones for Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects.

Duo Swaps Stolen Griffey Rookie Card for Jail

Two men from Albany, New York

Vegas Station Gives Game-Used Glimpse

A Las Vegas TV station stops by NFL game-used dealer JO Sports, which just opened a new 4,000-square-foot store and also acquired a big piece of recent NFL history with its latest shipment.

Editor’s Blog: The Baseball Card Vending Machine

Our Christmas gift to you…a little trip in the time machine.

Arrest in Rash of Card Store Burglaries

Police in Washington zero in on a man they say spent time in three card shops…but not during business hours.

2010-11 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey Released

Dual and triple-jersey swatch cards featuring Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe and Mario Lemieux are part of the latest hockey card product that promises one auto per box.

New Book Offers History of Store Model Baseball Gloves

John Graham’s collection tells the story of baseball–and baseball gloves–through a new book.

Store Offers Refunds After Autograph Snafu

Forced to cancel a heavily-publicized autograph signing, a store ponies up refunds.

NHLPA Launches Hobby Promotion Contest

The NHL players union will trade an autograph session for a hockey card promotion. They’re also looking to set up a special retail committee aimed at keeping the communication flowing.

Hobby Became Business for Chicago Dealer

What keeps one long-time sports card business ticking.

Shop Owner 1, Shopping Mall Owner 0

Simon Properties tried to increase Derek Kill’s rent by 400% and make him move. He fought back.