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Robert Edward Auctions

Steelers Sign Deal for Game-Worn Gear


No more post-game jersey swapping for the Pittsburgh Steelers who have signed a game-worn memorabilia deal with Fanatics Authentic.

Man Fought for Football from Immaculate Reception; Still Owns It

Immaculate Reception ticket

A Pittsburgh man says he has the ball from Franco Harris’ Immaculate Reception but after 40 years, he’s still not sure what to do with it.

Iconic Steel Curtain Banner Brings $57,500

Steel Curtain banner - Click to enlarge

A Pittsburgh Steelers fan REALLY wanted a hand-painted linen banner that symbolized the team’s defensive juggernaut of the 70s.

List of Super Bowl Winners

From the first until the most recent, here’s a complete list of Super Bowl winners and information those who’ve had the most success in the NFL title game.

Vintage Memorabilia in Vogue at All Star Fan Fest

Baseball’s showcase comes to a football town.