Randy Kaplan’s World Leaders Signed Baseball Collection

Among the items in a New York man’s sports memorabilia stash is a crazy collection of baseballs signed by world leaders…with interesting stories behind them.

Busted: Cops Say They’ve Got Serial Ruth Signed Ball Counterfeiter

Police in Florida say they finally captured the man believed responsible for fooling nearly three dozen Florida pawn shops and other outlets into buying a phony Babe Ruth signed baseball with equally phony paperwork.

Sports Memorabilia With a Purpose

Walk into the office of the Howard County, Maryland state’s attorney and you’ll feel like you’re in a sports museum. It’s a way of putting victims and witnesses as ease during a difficult time.

PA Dealer Still Appealing; Seized Items Still on Hold

Appeals continue, so the state of Pennsylvania won’t be selling off what it seized from Roger Hooper.

First NFL Championship Trophy Still Missing

Before even the Green Bay Packers existed, there was pro football. The first season of what would become the NFL included a championship trophy. But where is it?

Phils’ Kendrick Loses World Series Ring, Gear to Thieves

A break-in at the home of Phillies’ pitcher Kyle Kendrick results in an APB for a big piece of bling.

Kuhn Goes From Small School to Super Bowl Champ

John Kuhn is now signing autographs just a few years after he was getting them.

Rare Cards, Tighter Controls Pushing Market?

A Denver Post story paints a rosy picture for the baseball card market–even if it is pushed by lottery ticket type cards.

Vintage Card Theft Investigation Continues

New York State Police continue to search for leads but do have a theory about those responsible.

$10,000 Reward for Stolen Baseball Cards

The victim of a major vintage sports card theft is offering a cash reward in the ongoing investigation.

Is Steiner-Alabama Deal a Go…or No?

State law may be getting between the University of Alabama’s deal to sell turf and other items from Bryant-Denny Stadium to Steiner Sports.

New Baseball Cards Warm ESPN Columnist’s Heart

ESPN’s Jim Caple pedals down to the local card shop–the same one Tim Lincecum used to patronize as a kid–and assesses the state of the hobby with shop owner DJ Joss.

Delaware Card Show Draws Collectors

A little activity synopsis and ‘state of the hobby report’ for a weekend gathering in Newark, DE.

Colts Cards Collect Attention

It’s a good time to be an Indiana card shop owner.

Upper Deck Company Laying off 33

Upper Deck has filed a notice with the state of California indicating that 33 employees will be laid off early next year.

Lifelong Hockey Collection…in Iowa?

It might not be a place you think about when you talk hockey hotbeds, but one collector from the Hawkeye state has a lifelong collection–and connections to the game.

Fire Dept. Ends Favre Memorabilia Burn

Well, it sounded like a good idea.