Standard Catalog

Ramblings: Guides and Checklists Brought Order to Chaos

A recent political comment has Rich recalling another slogan that helped change the hobby for the better.

Ramblings: Reader Reaction

Rich Klein’s mailbag includes reaction to his columns on the 2016 National, an idea for card show reviews and cataloguing.

Ramblings: Don’t Kill Cataloguing

A couple of developments have made cataloguing many sports card sets a challenge, but Rich Klein tells us why it’s important to keep chronicling them all.

Editor’s Blog: News & Notes in a Rapidly Vaporizing Year

Announcing the First Annual Mikey Awards for sports card products, grading companies are focus of Waxpak’s final column, a chat with NBC Sports and more.

Rich’s Ramblings: Battle of the Price Guide Books

Rich Klein looks at the recent releases of a couple of sports collectible price guides and how they relate to the companies that issue them.

New Standard Catalog of Football Cards Includes Over 1,000 Sets

Need to know who’s who and how much? The new edition of The Standard Catalog of Football Cards has checklists and pricing for more than 1,000 mainstream and oddball sets from 1894-1991.