PA Housekeeper Convicted in Sports Memorabilia Theft Case

Kimberley Williams claimed her ex-husband was responsible for the theft of some vintage baseball memorabilia. A jury wasn’t buying it.

History a Big Part of Sports Memorabilia Appraisal

Leila Dunbar grew up a sports fan and parlayed her love for the games into a career.

Chicago Show Set for This Weekend

Six weeks before the National Sports Collectors Convention, another large show sets up shop in Chicago.

Teens Charged in Sports Memorabilia Theft

Update: Arrests made. A hoard of autographed sports memorabilia stolen from a Florida home recently turns up in the hands of teens who visit a local pawn shop.

45-Year Accumulation of Sports Memorabilia on the Market

It might be one of the best collections this side of Cooperstown…and now it’s all for sale.

Eagles Shut Down Autograph Signing

Fans went away empty handed after the NFL jersey police hauled away some of the goods.

Peyton Manning Re-ups Autograph Deal

Peyton Manning will continue to get paid by Dreams Inc, parent company of Mounted Memories.

Classic Iooss Photos Will Raise $ for Injured Troops

Limited prints made from original negatives will raise money for military veterans who need specially designed homes after being injured in war.

Free PSA Service Offers Visual Grading Comparison

Why is that card graded a ‘6’ and this one an ‘8’? PSA hopes its new online feature will spell out the difference.

Man Sues Lawyers for Malpractice in Memorabilia Case

It’s been more than ten years since Sports Legends went out of business, but the company lives on through the latest court case…this one against the owner’s lawyers.

Memorabilia on Exhibit in Baltimore

Some big time pieces of history are on display at the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards.

Sports Card Reviews Our New Year’s Resolution

Hopefully you’ve noticed some sports card product reviews on our pages over the last few days.  Several new issues were released in the last few weeks of 2009 and you can read a little about what they have inside right now. It’s something I’ve been wanting to add for awhile and thanks to our friend […]

Top Current Sports Card News of 2009

Golden oldies merged with new concepts in the new card market this year.

Rice Headlines Jersey Event

Jerry Rice and other former NFL players will sign autographs at an east coast event next month with proceeds to help a special charity.

Top Vintage Sports Card Stories of 2009

Great finds, big sales and some serious generosity top our best vintage sports card stories of 2009.

More Vintage Sports Photos About to Hit Market

Collector John Rogers has bought another major newspaper’s entire photo archive.

Big Bucks Battle Over Rare Memorabilia

Sports Illustrated turns its attention on the hobby.

Brand Loyalty Lost in Sports Card Industry Shuffle

We still haven’t gotten official confirmation that Topps has lost its NFLPA license, but assuming the news from earlier this week is indeed the truth, it’s another blow to long-time collectors. In a never-ending bid to right a ship that began listing in the early 1990s, the powers that be in sports continue to tinker […]

SI King Always Hunting Autographs

A three decades-long obsession with autographs has Scott Smith in constant harmony with his Sharpie and a magazine.

Brothers’ Sports Card Shop Turns 20

A baseball card store is about the only business two California brothers have ever known.