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Ramblings: Starting a Show? Don’t Forget the Basics

Rich Klein shares a little of what he’s learned after a couple of years in the local card show promotion game.

Ramblings: Quarter Boxes, Dealers and Promoters

Rich has some thoughts on a dealer’s complaint that allowing dealers with rows of nothing but cheap single cards is a bad idea.

Ramblings: Reader Question About Starting a Card Show

Rich answers a potential show promoter’s question about how to get a new event off the ground.

Ramblings: Grab Bags and Games of Chance

Seven come eleven. Rich Klein recalls the days when grab bags and games of chance were a part of baseball card shows.

Ramblings: Another Show is Born

J.R. and Miss Ellie would have appreciated the effort. The Southfork Hotel hosts a first-time card show and Rich Klein helped with the maiden voyage.

Ramblings: Sometimes, the Dealer is to Blame

Rich K says sometimes it’s understandable why collectors get frustrated with show dealers.

Ramblings: Sometimes It’s Not the Dealer’s Fault

A collectors discussion of dealer habits got Rich Klein thinking about the give and take over sports card pricing.

The Craziest One Day Show Ever

You think the National got busy at times? You should have been around during the ‘boom years’. Rich Klein remembers a one day show for the ages and the friend he helped promote it.

Guide to Making the Most Out of a Sports Card Show

  It’s had an enormous impact on the hobby, but eBay and dealer websites haven’t completely killed off the big sports card show. That’s good news…as long as you know what you’re doing.