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Panini Player of the Day NBA Includes Promo Packs, Prizes

Panini brings its Player of the Day promotion to basketball with prizes for pulling the right card and a chance to spend the day with an NBA player.

Ex-Dave & Adam’s Employees Sentenced in $1.3 Million Theft

Three men who worked at Dave & Adam’s Card World will spend time in prison and have to pay back the value of the $1.3 million worth of boxes they stole.

Editor’s Blog: Recent Newspaper, Magazine, TV Coverage for the Hobby

The sports card industry gets a little attention from newspapers, a magazine and TV outlets.

Retirement Vision Becomes Reality for Twin Cities Sports Cards

Rich Klein chats with the owner of Twin Cities Sports Cards, a Minneapolis shop born out of a desire for retirement income.

Rich’s Ramblings: In Defense of Store Owners

Shop owners face tough opponents online and in big box stores but it doesn’t have to be a losing proposition.

Ramblings: Shop Owner Prefers to Concentrate on Brick-and-Mortar Business

Selling online isn’t in the cards right now for one Canadian card shop owner, who’s trying to grow his customer base the old fashioned way.

Rich Klein: Beckett Business Solutions Aims to Aid Collector, Shop Owner

Beckett Business Solutions will launch early next year, aimed at uniting dealers around the country to help collectors find what they’re looking for. Not much is known yet but they’ve brought a hobby veteran on board to help steer.

Chicago Area Shop Owner Expands

While some sports card shops are just happy to make ends meet, Brian Jadzak has been adding new locations in the Chicago suburbs.

What’s Hot? Collecting Gets a ^ From 2012 NFL Rookie Cards

The 2012 NFL rookie cards pushed football cards to the front of store counters and brought some new blood into the hobby too.

Facebook Pulse: Card Shops Score on Black Friday

Sports card shops were hoping Black Friday could kick off a strong holiday season.

Hurricane Sandy Still Taking Toll on New York, New Jersey Hobby Shops

Gas is scarce and so are customers as hobby shops in the direct path of Hurricane Sandy fight on. Shifting priorities and logistical issues have provided some with the biggest challenges they’ve ever faced.

Ramblings: Topps Kickoff Promotion

Rich Klein rambles about issues with this year’s Topps Kickoff Promotion.

Be a Buyer: Shop Owner Urges Tenacity, Marketing

Turning a collection into quick profits means putting that “We’re Buying” sign into regular practice and knowing that what’s often called junk may not be.