Griffin Rookie Cards Not As Pricey a Year Later

In spite of recent headlines, the sales prices of last year’s top NBA rookie have dipped.

Dentist’s Stuff Stolen; Crooks Try Selling it Back to Him

Two men are in jail after calling a Florida dentist and trying to extort a ransom for his stolen signed baseballs.
Somewhere his former patient, George Steinbrenner, is smiling.

Topps 2011 Products: Best and Worst Money Makers

A study of nearly two dozen Topps 2011 baseball products reveals those still making money and those that have dealers bleeding red ink.

1958 NFL Championship Ring Returned to Art Donovan

It went around the world and back, but Art Donovan’s 1958 NFL Championship ring is back, thanks to some friends and a retired cop.

Editor’s Blog: First Pack of Cards, Topps TV Special’s always entertaining Steve Rushin takes his two-year-old son to the store to pick out his first pack of cards while MLB Network and Topps join forces for a one-hour special. Plus an update on Pete Sampras’ missing memorabilia.

2011 Topps Wrapper Redemption Autos Unveiled

Topps is showing off some signed replicas of its 1952 series, paying homage to some players who showed up on the company’s first major set.

Easy Come, Easy Go: $10,000 Jersey Destroyed by Customs Rep

Customs officials don’t make great authenticators.

Topps Five Star Football Plans Unveiled

Embossed, thick cards served up in a velvet tray? Topps will offer its super premium Five Star product after the 2010 season comes to a close.

Kobe Keen on Card Collecting

Panini’s spokesman is hoping to turn kids into the collector that he once was.