Meet Pawn Stars’ New Sports Memorabilia Confidant

Jeremy Brown’s card shop business has gotten some national exposure as he joins the guest cast of the History Channel show.

Rich’s Ramblings: Of Old Willow Grove Days

Rich Klein catches up with an old friend who remembers a couple of the hobby’s wheeler-dealers who used to frequent the Philly show floor–and more.

Philly Show This Weekend

Sports card and autograph collectors will descend on eastern Pennsylvania for the latest installment of one of the hobby’s longest running events.

Rich’s Ramblings: Remembering Baseball Hobby News

Rich Klein steps back into the 1980s with some names from hobby lore.

PA Dealers, Collectors Feel Good About Sports Card Hobby

The buying and selling goes on near Scranton, Pa., as dealers and collectors observe an evolving market that seems to be pushing back to its roots.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: The Craziest National of Them All

Hobby stalwart Rich Klein is back with more recollections of the old shows–and the people who were there.

Upcoming Sports Memorabilia Reality Show Looking for Items

The producers of Pawn Stars are creating a new show around sports memorabilia, set inside a Baltimore shop. They’re looking for people to bring in items they’re interested in selling to be part of the series.

Sports Guy Returns to the National

Columnist Bill Simmons is back at the National Sports Collectors Convention, marveling, mocking and generally having a grand time with everything the dealers brought to Chicago.

The National: Then and Now

Rich Klein hasn’t missed a National since the Reagan presidency. He takes us back in time while reminiscing with hobby friends and offering some memories of what the hobby’s big show used to be like.

TRISTAR Keeps Autographs Flowing at National

From Aparicio to Zimmer, they come to add their signature to whatever fans bring to the table.

Buying Vintage Sports Cards Offers Options

Dealers have to come ready to meet a variety of collectors at a big show and collectors have to be ready to move on what’s not likely to be there the next time around.

Attending NSCC is Big Investment for Companies

Skipping it is out of the question, but going to the National Sports Collectors Convention is a big undertaking.

2011 National Sports Collectors Convention Ends 5-Day Run

A few more observations and information from the last day of the 32nd National.

Editor’s Blog: National Thoughts

Observations…and a suggestion or two as the National heads into the weekend.

News, Notes and Photos from the 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention

A wild and wacky start to what’s already been an active, eventful affair.

Blowout Countersuing Upper Deck Over Distribution Policy

Blowout Cards has answered Upper Deck’s court papers with a lawsuit of its own, alleging violations of federal anti-trust laws.

Upper Deck NSCC Show Plans: Redemptions, Autograph Giveaways, Displays

Upper Deck returns to the National Sports Collectors Convention with wrapper redemptions and some special autographed items randomly given away.

Moutain of Baseball Memorabilia Keeps Okie Collector Busy

You name it, Robert Taylor has it. It’s all over his house thanks in part to a friendly neighbor and a former Yankee.

Dez Bryant a No Show at Card Show

Reports say Dez Bryant is poised to lead the NFL… in making people mad.

Tyson Added to NSCC Signers List

Has retirement mellowed Mike Tyson? He’s agreed to take Sharpie in hand for a stint at the NSCC signing table.