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Michigan Man Sues USPS Over Missing Cards, Jewelry

legal scales

A Michigan man says a woman tried to steal cash, vintage baseball cards and jewelry 3 1/2 years ago but the USPS hasn’t returned it all.

If It Fits, It Ships…Forever

USPS truck

The postal service says it’s looking out for future you.

USPS Shipping Costs Will Rise in April

USPS truck

You’ll pay a little more to ship that bubble mailer full of cards beginning this spring.

PSA, PSA/DNA Offers Grading Discounts at National


Turnaround time can be measured in minutes at the National.

Selling on eBay? The IRS May Be Watching


Starting next year, the IRS will make sure you fill out the proper forms and report your income if you’re a busy and active eBay seller.

Auction Insider: Who Should You Do Business With?

Some tips for picking the auction house that’s right for you and a look at some of what’s happening on the circuit.

Book Autograph Forger’s Operation Was Massive

Fake autograph sellers beware…you can’t fool folks forever.

PSA Announces Custom Card Encapsulation Service


How to get a PSA card of…you.

Free PSA Service Offers Visual Grading Comparison

Why is that card graded a ‘6’ and this one an ‘8’? PSA hopes its new online feature will spell out the difference.

Negro League Stamps Part of 2010 USPS Plans

A unique "double stamp" issued later this year by the U.S. Postal Service will feature a panoramic shot of Negro League baseball and the legendary Rube Foster.

Use a Baseball Hall of Famer to mail your bills

The Postal Service releases a collection of 39-cent baseball stamps. Please don’t ask the clerk for a "quantity discount".