selling sports cards

Creative Ways to Sell Modern Era Cards

Some tips on how to use creativity–and some methods you may not have thought of–to efficiently turn that big modern era sports card collection into a profit.

How to Efficiently Process a Bulk Buy

Some insight on how to turn that mother lode of monster boxes into a worthwhile profit.

Ramblings: Pondering Methods for Selling in Bulk

What’s the best way to move a mountain of monster boxes, sorted by player? Rich Klein ponders some options and asks for your ideas.

10 Ways to Make More Money with eBay Listings

10 tips for making more money selling your sports collectibles–or anything else–during eBay’s current listing special.

Beckett Accelerator Aimed at Helping Sellers Move Singles Easier

A software program called Beckett Accelerator is at the core of the new Beckett Business Solutions, with a goal of letting sellers list large quantities faster.

“The Vault” Aimed at Helping Buyers and Sellers of More Expensive Cards

COMC’s latest selling tool, “The Vault”, is aimed helping at buyers and sellers of higher valued sports cards.

Tips for Successful Selling at Local Card Shows

Can you have success as a dealer at a local or regional sports card show? Yes, if you treat it like a small business.

Buying and Selling Outlets for Sports Card Collectors

eBay is the online king for buying and selling sports cards but some other services are getting into the game or already making their mark.